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It was just decided last night. Bruce has a SECOND, placement interview. This time at a big hospital in Madisonville, Kentucky. We are so excited that we may potentially have choices of where to go. We get back from the shore on the evening of the 3rd and we will turn around and head down to Kentucky on the 7th. This area is supposedly gorgeous, close to the Land Between the Lakes National Park and the area is filled with hiking, camping, canoeing activities. I will let you know if they live up to their claim of being the land of "bluegrass, blues and BBQ." I will try to blog again between the trips but if you need to get a hold of us, give us a call on our cellphones. Take care y'all!
Well, it was just confirmed. We fly out on Sunday morning to the Eastern Shore region for an interview with a hospital there. I could not be more excited. This could be the job/opportunity of a lifetime. Allegedly, this peninsula has limited the amount of development and has maintained a small town/rural feel with a smattering of family farms (many organic), fishing villages, national seashore and wildlife refuges. We are so excited to do a bit of exploring and see if this might be the place for us. Also, this will be Griffin's first plane trip - yeah!! It's about time we get him up in the air. Here are some photos from our time at the spray park today.

I swear we feed him...snacks too, whenever he wants them!!

Lemon Angel Hair

OK...scratch Vermont...the hospital there is really small and after talking with them Bruce doesn't feel he will get the experience he's looking for. But, late last night we got another call from a hospital in Lynchburg, Virginia, the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Anybody been there?
So we tried this awesome new recipe this week for lemon angel hair. We served with grilled chicken and fresh bread and green beans but we both agreed it would be fantastic with shrimp. When they say 1/2 cup herbs, they really mean it. That makes the whole dish. Hope you enjoy it.


I have been avoiding writing anything here in hopes that one day soon I will be able to make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. That day is not here yet, but I do want to let you know we are still out here and doing really well. Griffin and I have spent our days at the park or the beach or goofing about in the back yard and enjoying this gorgeous summer. Bruce has been treating his nationwide job search as a full time job and the poor guy has been chained to the computer and cell phone for hours. and hours. and hours. Having made connections with about a billion medical recruiters, he has decided to go back to the print shop full-time until a decision can be made. We have some really good possibilities in Madisonville, Kentucky, Randolph, Vermont and Nassawadox, Virginia. If any of you all have been to any of these places, zip me a comment or e-mail and let me know what they are like. We are hoping to go and visit them in the next month or so. Not much interest in our house yet, which feels discou…

Graduation Day

Saturday was such a special day for us. Bruce graduated Summa cum Laude as an Echocardiograph Technician. We spent our day surrounded by the people without whom we would not have made it through the past 3 years. Thank you to everyone who helped us with Griffin, understood and worked around our limited time and budget, sent voices, notes and encouraging energy our way. We have arrived...where, we are not quite sure. Some of you know that my Moms' business is called Growing Edge Adventures and their aim is just that, to help people find their growing edge. Well, as I just wrote to my sister, we are there, Bruce and I have found our growing edge, and we are camping on the edge like squatters. We have passed through some rough times in the past years and here we are with all the possibilities our adventurous souls can imagine, spread out in front of us. It feels terrifying and exhilarating. We will go forward, confident that our love, our guts, our experiences will guide us to make t…

Fantastic Moment!

Wow, so so much going on here. Most importantly, Bruce graduates on SATURDAY. Oh, yes, it is over. He did it, and did it magnificently! With 3, possibly 4 semesters on the President's List (all A's) and his ability to charm all those he interacts with, his future as an echo cardiogram technician looks bright. There are many many fires in the oven with respect to possible jobs and our relocation but nothing is 100% at the moment. We will definitely post something here as soon as we know where we are headed next. So at 6 pm on Saturday, think a little thought, say a little prayer, send a little energy to Bruce as he walks across that stage to receive that much fought for diploma!

Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole

So, I have gotten really into learning how to cook over the past year or so. Because of my ever so slightly obsessive personality (I come by this honestly, trust me!) I can only cook with the aid of a recipe. None of that little dash here, little pinch there, let's see how it tastes business for me. Anyways, it seems like I am always e-mailing or copying recipes for y'all out there so I thought I would change it up a little. I am going to start posting the "best of" as I continue to try new recipes. I thought of it a little too late, but in the future, I will also try to take a picture of my new creation. Hope a few of y'all try them from time to time, and if you do, come back and comment on what you think.
So this tomatillo based enchilada recipe is excellent. Even Griffin enjoyed it - the green chilies are not spicy at all, so if you like some kick you should add it in. My only complaint about it is that there is a ton of kitchen gear required (pots, pans, blend…

New Obsession

I just can't. stop. playing.