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Sisters '85?

Fake Smiles...who?  Us???

Griffin's fun

Lest you think Lucy was the only one behaving adorably on her birthday, Griffin had his own photo shoot.
He was my big helper, holding the balloons while I was decorating. 
He is such an amazing, loving, supportive big brother.

Happy Birthday, sweet Lucia!

Our little girl is 2 today! In some ways, I cannot remember what life was like before she was here. She was always meant to be here with us, and our family was complete upon her arrival. She is so sensitive, such a receptor, so aware of her senses...she has special gifts to offer this world. She is also so challenging, such a conduit for pushing me to my growing edge. She is beautiful and unique and expressive. She is creative and energetic. She is becoming more adventurous and brave every day. Part of my life's work is to help Lucy find and imbrace her inner strength, to break out of her shell and let her light shine bright. We have seen so much movement toward that goal already.

Watch out world, Lucy is coming!! I am sooooo thankful for her and my amazing opportunity to parent her and love her.
I am going to fill out the birthday survey for her this year since she is not quite able to answer if for herself yet...maybe next year! ;)

Birthday Interview

Lucy, 2010
Age? 2
What act…


This is how you know it is springtime at the Gast house...muddy soccer cleats plopped on the kitchen counter waitning for someone (Me) to clean them.  One of my favorite chores.

self expression

Griffin's teacher has started the kids journaling and writing sentances on their own.  He has to come up with it and also spell it by himself.  It is soooooo cooooool to see him starting to express himself this way.  This by far is the best thing that has come home from school in a while. 
"My charter (character) is a ranbul (rainbow) bar (bear).  It liv in a haas (house).  It lix (likes) to et (eat) tir (tires). 
Already coming up with creative recycling programs!!  This kid is going to change the world.   I agree with his teacher = BRILLIANT!

Rotten times...

I try to keep the positive vibes flowin' on this blog, but I got to tell you folks, it's been a terribleawfulreallybad week, here at the Gast house. Bruce and I have been very sick with bronchitis and Bruce has pink eye with a secondary eye infection - not good.  As you know or can imagine, it's a terrible day when both the parents go down!  These illnesses led to a river of crappy consequences, with possibly more on the way.  It's tough times, my friends.  Thankfully, tonight we are both starting to feel a bit better and have lots of hope that we are on the mend.  I have the utmost faith that all will be righted and the good juju will return to our household, but in the meantime, whew, I'm worn out.  I have to say, we have the most amazing, most loving, most understanding children on the PLANET.  They have been so sweet and mellow, willing to go with the flow wether that be having to play cards in our bed (instead of playing outside in the PERFECT spring weather) …

Me and my Dad

This is my all time favorite photo of me and my Dad....Love it, love him.

a little decorating

For my birthday, Alexis sent me some gorgeous fabrics from IKEA.  The great thing about receiving fabric as a gift is that is takes me out of my comfort zone.  It is a different weight than I usually buy and definitely different colors that I usually go for but I LOVE it.  I was able to get really creative, knowing I wanted to use at least some of it for something I would keep.  I have been meaning to make a cover for this ugly ironing board and  taaaadaaa.... Isn't it gorgeous?!?  I really love it.  And as those who sew know, on some projects you may spend as much or more time at your ironing board as at your sewing machine.    And then I was thinking my sewing machine was looking so neglected...well, I just couldn't help myself.
Summer is on it's way, so now the dust won't collect on the sewing machine while I'm playing outside.   Now, there is some orange fabric that is screaming to be made into pillows.  It will have to wait for another day.

What do I call these?

I made this ?thing? for my dear friend's birthday.  She is so brave, embracing change in herself and her relationships, I really wanted to represent, honor and recognize that awakening through my art.  This is what came to me.  The sun, to me, represents good energy, healing light, deep connection to your Spirit, good juju. 
I think she liked it, no , I KNOW she liked it.  ;)  I really enjoyed embroidering the seedling.  I had to add roots. I am more and more aware of  how what is going on under the surface is as, and sometimes more, important than what is happening on the surface or what is immediately obvious. 
OK, so I have ideas for like 50 more of these, some for specific people, some I may put up for sale, and I am wondering if you would all add your two cents.  Here is my question for you: What do I call these?  Some suggestions I've already gotten are quiltoramas (from diorama not bowl-a-rama), tapestry, art quilt.  I was thinking something like spirit quilts or soul q…
Yesterday, I had one of those "OMG it's too quiet, what are they up to" moments.

Aww, sweet girl is keeping her sick bro company. 
At least one of them was smiley yesterday.  Actually, cross my fingers, Griffin seems better this morning.  Hoping it sticks!

Start at the begining....circa 1976

When I saw this picture, I froze!  This is Roger, my uncles dog, and the first dog I fell in love with.  I am not sure how old I was when he died, but I was young, and I still have vivid memories of him.  My Mom thinks he was a german shephard/norwegian elkhound mix.

Ahhh, the money shot, Dad, Mom and newborn babe.  Loving the seventies fashion...who's collar is bigger?
My Mom's siblings, Aunt Louise (Louise Wright) and Uncle Ross (Ross Davis)
I absolutely love this photo of my Mom and I.  I love her sweater and glasses and swoopy hair, I love the contented expressions on our faces, I love the soft 70's light!

A great birthday

Christi Leigh, 1976? Thank you for all your super sweet birthday messages. I could really feel all the good energy swirling around me all day. I had a wonderful day Friday, just lazing around in the SUN, reading and resting and enjoying visiting with some super sweet friends that stopped by. My phone was blowing up with amazing people connecting and one especially amazing conversation that I had been dreaming about for years, literally years. The day was topped off with the arrival of the Moms. Bruce cooked me my favorite dinner starring his homemade mac n' cheese and I felt very celebrated. Early in the day on Saturday, Bruce and I took off for Evansville and spent the day doing Adult things! Ahhhh, if felt sooo good. We went to the art museum, took a peaceful hand-holding walk along the Ohio river, saw Alice, had a quiet dinner, and did some browsing of electronics...all things that are impossible with our two little ones in tow (not impossible in that we can't do or don'…

Monkey Bread

This is Monkey is like taking Pillsbury cinnamon rolls to a whole new planet! Delicious. I got this recipe from a food blog that my pal, Hilary, suggested to me: Smitten Kitchen. I love the photos on this blog, her easy to follow instructions, but most importantly, her taste. I read a couple food blogs, but this one by far, most closely aligns with the kind of food I like to cook and eat! Either here somewhere, or on fb, I linked to her AHMHAYZING tomato sauce which has become a weekly staple at our house. How tomatoes, onions and butter could ever taste so delicious, I will never understand. Anyways, back to Monkey Bread. It wasn't too hard to make but my goodness, it takes like 4 hours! It ended up being our lunch on Sunday. We all really loved it and devoured it. We only ate about 1/2 of it, but I ran the rest over to our friends' house where the second half was enjoyed.
Have a great weekend ya'll. I am looking forward to a weekend of banan…

Baby Janis

She certainly has the diva attitude down pat!