Happy Birthday, sweet Lucia!

Our little girl is 2 today! In some ways, I cannot remember what life was like before she was here. She was always meant to be here with us, and our family was complete upon her arrival. She is so sensitive, such a receptor, so aware of her senses...she has special gifts to offer this world. She is also so challenging, such a conduit for pushing me to my growing edge. She is beautiful and unique and expressive. She is creative and energetic. She is becoming more adventurous and brave every day. Part of my life's work is to help Lucy find and imbrace her inner strength, to break out of her shell and let her light shine bright. We have seen so much movement toward that goal already.

Watch out world, Lucy is coming!! I am sooooo thankful for her and my amazing opportunity to parent her and love her.

I am going to fill out the birthday survey for her this year since she is not quite able to answer if for herself yet...maybe next year! ;)

Birthday Interview

Lucy, 2010

Age? 2

What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? Story time at the library

What pets do you have? Zed, the bearded dragon and Happy, the fish.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Rule the world
Where is 1 place you really want to go? Sesame street

What is your favorite…………. o Meal? Macaroni and Cheese, Queso dip and chips o Fruit? Strawberries o Vegetable? carrots o Dessert? cupcakes o Candy? smarties o Drink? Apple juice o Animal? dogs o Thing to do inside? Read books o Thing to do outside? Swings and slides o Kind of music? The muppets and pomplamoose o Song? MahnaMahna o Place we visited this year? Fun4Kids o Chore around the house? Putting dirty laundry in the hamper o Thing to do with Mama? Tea parties - the sweet and good and innocent kind NOT the atrocious political kind!! HA! o Thing to do with Papa? playtime o Thing to do with Griffin? Cowboy/girl o T.V. show? Sesame Street, the original Muppet Show o Movie? Veggie Tales sing-a-long DVD o Toy? MahnaMahna doll o Book? Just like me o Day of the week? Sunday?? o Holiday? Christmas?? o Season? Spring?? o Piece of clothing? Pretty dresses o Sound? Dogs barking?? o Word? Yes o Smell? flowers?? o Color? Yellow


Anonymous said…
SO sweet, pretty, special 2 year old Lucy! Can't wait to celebrate some more with you! Love, Gran
4cheeseheads said…
Christi -
I'm such a dork, so sorry we missed Lucy's birthday. Too much going on over here. But that is not an excuse. Please forgive me. We absolutely LOVED all the balloon photos, what a creative idea. Did you get a new camera recently, your photos are looking fantastic. Lucy is GORGEOUS. We are thinking of Lucy and wishing her all the best in the coming year, so many new experiences coming her way now that she is 2.
Also, we wanted to wish you a FUN, FUN trip to Michigan. Have a great time catching up with all your family and friends. So bummed we cannot see you. But...we are a GO for camping together in Indiana this summer. Let's work out date possibilities after we are back from our Easter trips.
Love to all of you. Safe travels.