What do I call these?

I made this ?thing? for my dear friend's birthday.  She is so brave, embracing change in herself and her relationships, I really wanted to represent, honor and recognize that awakening through my art.  This is what came to me.  The sun, to me, represents good energy, healing light, deep connection to your Spirit, good juju. 

I think she liked it, no , I KNOW she liked it.  ;)  I really enjoyed embroidering the seedling.  I had to add roots. I am more and more aware of  how what is going on under the surface is as, and sometimes more, important than what is happening on the surface or what is immediately obvious. 

OK, so I have ideas for like 50 more of these, some for specific people, some I may put up for sale, and I am wondering if you would all add your two cents.  Here is my question for you: What do I call these?  Some suggestions I've already gotten are quiltoramas (from diorama not bowl-a-rama), tapestry, art quilt.  I was thinking something like spirit quilts or soul quilts - but doesn't "quilt" make you think of something to cuddle under, not something to hang on the wall?  Hmm, it is a tough one.  I would love your suggestions. 

****Blogger has changed it's editing system and I can't find the spell check function, so from this point on, excuse any spelling blunders.  I'll try to catch them, but ..... mistakes will slip through.****


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BuckeyeReavis said…
i love the artwork... how the color of the sun and the monocromatic middle to me represents the dull and mundane,,, lol i like it alot...

btw spelling for me not a strong point lol

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Jessica Amor said…
Oh my word...this is amazing! How do you find time to do this? So, I think that lots of people actually think of a quilt as something to hang on the wall. I"m always amazed at this, because I think of them more practically to cuddle under. All that to say, I wouldn't worry about using "quilt" in the title. I like soul quilts best of what you mentioned. I'll think about it some more though and let you know if I come up with anything else. OK, this is another great birthday idea for me! ;)
Anonymous said…
You are on to something truly soul touching! Really amazing and rich! Thank you for showing them, making them, gifting them...mom