Rotten times...

I try to keep the positive vibes flowin' on this blog, but I got to tell you folks, it's been a terribleawfulreallybad week, here at the Gast house. Bruce and I have been very sick with bronchitis and Bruce has pink eye with a secondary eye infection - not good.  As you know or can imagine, it's a terrible day when both the parents go down!  These illnesses led to a river of crappy consequences, with possibly more on the way.  It's tough times, my friends.  Thankfully, tonight we are both starting to feel a bit better and have lots of hope that we are on the mend.  I have the utmost faith that all will be righted and the good juju will return to our household, but in the meantime, whew, I'm worn out. 
I have to say, we have the most amazing, most loving, most understanding children on the PLANET.  They have been so sweet and mellow, willing to go with the flow wether that be having to play cards in our bed (instead of playing outside in the PERFECT spring weather) or having cereal for dinner because that is literally all we could get together for them.  Lucy was willing to snuggle up with one of us and then the other, letting her sweet breath and beating heart bring us intense comfort.  Griffin spent many hours playing quietly in his room alone to give us some much needed rest.  I am so proud of the people they are. 
Yesterday, I was feeling so pent up, having not created anything all week, that I pulled out the watercolors.  Lucy was quick to jump right in.  I think I have a kindred artist spirit in her. 
Best part of the weekend, for sure.


MountainWave said…
love you guys. sending healing healthy vibes to all.