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Super Dooper

WOOHOO, we are soooo proud of Griffin. He, very unexpectedly, graduated from speech therapy today. The therapist came out to talk to me after his session today and said that he has advanced beyond the point where he needs her help. She offered to still meet with him once a week for fun, but Lucy is getting more difficult to keep quiet in the hallway each week so we just decided that was it. He has done such a great job listening, and working on her directions.
After he gave her a hug and told her he would really miss her, but he would see her next year when he came for kindergarten she turned to me and said, "You know, you really have a special kid here." I sure do know.

Beautiful Birthday

When Lucy went down for her morning nap yesterday, this was just a regular dining/crafting room...but when she woke up - WOW. Not only were there balloons,
but Papa bought his baby girl beautiful roses for her birthday.

Grandpa and Grandma Huggins had arrived....
and she was very interested in these little lovelies (not as interested as her big brother, mind you!) We let her open her present from Auntie Lexi first because I happened to know that it was a pair of adorable white shoes that she should wear immediately! I had bought her a furry birthday crown to wear, that only lasted for a minute. Oh well, we will try again next year - I really can't blame her for thinking it was uncomfortable!
When we were in MI recently, Griffin's friends Jake and Casey had cowboy hats and horses. He has been asking for his own ever since. Grandpa and Grandma knew just what to bring for Griffin to make it an extra fun day for him also!
We made Lucy her favorite thing for lunch - pot roast carrot…

52 Weeks Old

My little girl is going to be 1 tomorrow. So many people have asked me if I can believe it, and frankly, oh yeah, I certainly can. This little girl has made a HUGE impact on our lives that has been felt everyday for the last year. She is so wonderful, so beautiful, so...just as she should be, just as she was always meant to be. Her personality fills up my heart, pushes me on, challenges me. She is the ultimate little sweet and sour morsel. She can be so sweet - smiling at strangers, flirting, giggling, sharing. And so so sour - throwing full blown tantrums, wining, yelling, crying, clinging and PINCHING. She feels so tiny still, it is hard to imagine how that little body holds so much energy. We have gone for weeks with her being so intense, us just trying to get through it sane. And then, the clouds part, it stops raining and the skies are filled with unicorns and rainbows and glittery hearts. Just a week ago I felt like I was at my wits end with her and then *poof* this amazing litt…

The last basket

Griffin had his last basketball game on Saturday. He was able to get a few baskets, and I caught one of his balls going in. He really enjoyed it. We are finding sports to be a great way to channel some of his energy and it has allowed him make new friends. It is also a good chance for him to interact with other adults. He is getting good at listening to his coaches and following their directions. I really think this will help him to be more successful in kindergarten next year. I think his favorite part was that his Papa would play with them during practice. That, and the tropy...he loves getting a trophy!


Yesterday was one of those perfect spring days (and it looks like today might be too!!) The morning was cool and cloudy and the afternoon was 72 with a bright blue sky. We met our friends at the park for a picnic and some playtime. This was Lucy's first time on a swing - WOW! She loved it from the first moment. She probably swung for 15 minutes. It was funny because my friend had just commented how she keeps forgetting that her daughter might like different foods than her older son and how she should try some new things with Carlie. I nodded in agreement, but realized how applicable her words were to me a few minutes later. Griffin hated swings when he was little, would only tolerate them for a few minutes and I think that was mostly to humor me. He still only wants to swing for a minute or two when at the park. And look, it is Lucy's favorite thing.

The kids had a really great time playing together and they both woke up this morning, after an awesome nights sleep, with healthy…

Spring is here.


Somewhere over the rainbow...

*****I never posted this since that day veered off track pratically before it started. Thought I would still put it up as I love the snack idea and think some of you might too!***
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have so many great St. Patrick's Day the year I made it to first call (6 AM) and last call (2 AM) at our local Irish pub. Let's just say there was a looooonnnnnggggg break in the middle, and yes, this was pre-Griffin.
So, now, the more responsible minded me still wants to enjoy the Celtic celebration and bring it to a level my kids can enjoy too.

I cut this idea out of a magazine awhile back and was excited to use it as Griff's March pre-school snack. So easy, yet nutritious and cute! First make a rainbow by layering strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and plums in a clear cup. Top it off with a cloud (whipped cream) and some gold coins (golden raisins). It was a big hit!

51 Weeks Old

Wow, a week away from being one. I can hardly believe it, but yet it feels like she has been part of me forever. She has started to wean herself off the breast. Mostly, this makes me so so happy. I am really ready to be done with it and I love that she is feeling the same way, that we are on the same page. A teeny tiny little part of me feels a little bit sad but I just tell that part to shut up and have a cocktail! :)

Griffin and Lucy are having a ton of fun playing together now. Griffin cracks her up like no other. They have the same laugh so when they really get going it is hard to hear where one starts and the other ends. She can be aggressive with him though. It is much more often Lucy who is stealing the toys or playing too rough (she loves to pull his hair). Griffin is struggling to navigate the sea of standing up for himself vs. being gentle with his sister. He is such a good brother.
It has been a beautiful week here, tons of the trees are blooming. This is Lucy…


Sunshine is definitly doing better today! Yesterday, after 24 hours of refusing dog food we cooked up some chicken and rice and she did eat it - YEAH! She even wagged her tail a couple of times.
The kids are really into helping care for her. Griffin has been keeping her company, laying with her to play leapster or watch a movie. Lucy mostly just empties out Bruce's sock drawer next to Sunshine, but I know she is concerned too. :) They both have been giving her lots of hugs and kisses.
Griffin wanted to feed Sunshine her lunch today and called me in to show me that Sunshine was lifting herself up on her front legs some. This is a huge improvement from Tuesday morning when she could not lift her head up! She is HEALING.

13 wonderful years

Today is Sunshine's 13th birthday. In light of the past 24 hours, I am even more grateful for her shining light in my life. It is time for me to tell her story.Sunshine was born in Saranac, MI, March 18, 1996. I had just moved to E. Lansing and had the summer to enjoy before enrolling into MSU to complete my undergrad degree. It was a HUGE transition point in my life. I was 20 years old and I believe that getting Sunshine was the first major "grown up" decision I made in my life. Making the commitment to be responsible for another living thing at that age, come what may, was a big deal and I knew it. My Mom and Step-dad, Mark, actually drove me to pick her up and bought her for me as a present (I was going to be living with them for the next 3 years while I finished up college.) I knew I wanted a big brown dog - that was pretty much my only requirement. Mark had a passion for Labs, he already had a yellow one and really encouraged me in that direction. I found Sunshine&…