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Not so little Griffin is 11.

Age? 11
Grade?  5th

Your teachers this year? Ms. Parker

What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, 4-H, Super Saturdays, Beta Club

What pets do you have? Omar, Lottie, Zed, Fish

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Lawyer

Where is one place you really want to go? Hawaii

What is your favorite………….

o   Subject in school? Social Studies

o   Meal? Lasagna Soup

o   Fruit? Apple

o   Vegetable? Carrot

o   Dessert?  Fruit Pizza

o   Candy? Cadbury Cream Eggs

o   Drink? Ginger Ale

o   Animal? Penguins

o   Thing to do inside?  Video Games

o   Thing to do outside? Scooter

o   Kind of music? Hip Hop

o   Song? Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious

   Place we visited this year? Wellfleet

o   Chore around the house? NOOOONE!

o   Thing to do with Mama? Camping

o   Thing to do with Papa? Camping

o   Thing to do with Lucy?  Minecraft

o   T.V. show? Teen Titans

o   Movie? Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

o   Toy? Kindle

o   Book? Percy Jackson Series

o   Day of the week?  Friday

o  …