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Open Market in Frieburg, Germany


lots of babies

Spring has finally broke into Michigan. The trees are starting to get the green haze, the temperature allows you to roll up your pants another inch as each hour passes, and the sun is kissing the earth like high school kids meeting behind the bleachers. It is time for the landscape to come alive. As this may be our last spring in Michigan for a while, we are determined to enjoy every minute of it! Saturday, for example, was a festival of cuteness.
Bruce, Griffin and I, along with the Mom's (both birthday girls last week) headed up to MSU for our annual baby animal pilgrimage.
Our first stop was at the "bird barn". Griffin was almost as into the Emu as the Emu was into him.
But now the baby Emus where a different story altogether. Bruce had to explain to Griff over and over why he was not allowed to get into the pen with them. I totally got it, they were so cute and fluffy and hyper...I kind of wanted to play with them too.

This year, like last year, Griff was totally in…
There are a couple of action shots from this morning for you. It finally feels like spring around these parts. We have had a really busy week, so to squeeze in some family time, the three of us headed over to our local greasy spoon (in this case "The Stuffed Bun") for some breakfast and bonding. Afterward, Bruce headed off to class and Griff and I headed to the park. Our local library is in the same complex as the park and it happened to be the first day of their yearly book sale. (and as Stephen Colbert informed me, national library week). We struck gold. Griffin and I were some of the first people in the door and walked out with 2 bags of books for $8!!! I feel like I have one a prize...with as much as we read around here, this will really save us a few bucks for a while. So, here are a few more Germany pictures for you. Here is our Step-Dad, Mark holding his little grand baby.

And here is the best dessert of all time, a favorite in Germany, affectionately know (real transla…


Our thoughts and energy are with those that have been effected by the senseless violence at Virginia Tech. After spending time obsessively watching and listening to the news coverage, crying, being angry, feeling scared, I am finally ready to look ahead. The only way I can make sense of this terrible situation is to use it as a reminder. It reminds me that today is the best day. It reminds me to tell my loved ones how special and beautiful and important they are. It reminds me to keep my eyes, ears and heart open for those that maybe asking for help. It reminds me to give my boys an extra kiss.

Germany Part 3

One of my favorite places in Europe is Heidelberg and I was lucky enough to go back a second time. I am not alone here as it was a favorite haunt of Victor Hugo and Mark Twain and today is a huge tourist area. It is an awesome college town that is overlooked by the beautiful Schloss Castle on the hill.

This Gothic/Renaissance style castle was first built around 1300. Through the years it has suffered through fires, wars and arguing royal families.

Behind us in this photo, you can see how half the tower has been blown off by an explosion and still lies there, upside down, supporting the moss.
I took a ton of pictures there but I will but up my favorites here.

The castle ground were lovely but the weather was awful. We spent most of the day tramping about in 3 inches of very cold slush.

Here are a few views of Heidelberg from the front of the castle.

OK, so there is a little story about this footprint in the ground. As the legend goes, one day the King decided to take his buddies out for a li…

scenic view

and look how clean that windowsill is! very tired... will post more Germany pics tomorrow.

Alethia Ann Simone


Germany Part 2

So, Jessica, Anthony and Alethia have an awesome little flat in Germany. They are on the top floor of this building and a really cool family lives downstairs.

They have a really great guest room set up (a huge necessity seeing as it will pretty much be booked from January through June with all the family and friends coming to see the baby girl!) I could even see a castle through my window!!

Alethia has a bedroom that any girl would love...hell, I would love to live in it!!!

Here is a picture of their ever so European kitchen.

And here is the proof I promised you that Jess is the world's biggest Starbucks fan. BEHOLD...the mug collection!!

They are still looking to broaden their collection so if you go somewhere cool...keep them in mind. They have a totally comfy cozy living room which is a perfect place to settle in and watch a movie....

or in our case HOURS and HOURS of hysterical episodes of "The Office". Oh, Pam and are breaking our hearts!

Germany Part 1

So, we flew on Lufthansa from Detroit to Frankfurt. It was a good fight, easy on, easy off and even though I did not sleep much it felt good to see the sunrise and feel the promise of the new day.

My first "you're not it Kansas anymore" moment came when I saw the women in front of me hold up the days news. I stared, I gasped, I felt tears spring to my eyes....on the cover of her German newspaper were pictures of caskets coming off a plane, all draped with the American flag.

I realized with a start how shielded I have been from these types of images. Although, I speak of my opposition to this WAR and this leadership's POLICIES to anyone who will listen, I feel ashamed that I have not done more. The violence and killing of so many beloved people from all parts of the world as result of this war will haunt me for a long, long time to come. I grieve for the loss of life.
OK, OK, back to travel tales and much happier fare.
So after a very happy reunion with my sister and her…