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Gettin' Froggy

Is today my birthday?

So the big build up this year was priceless. Two weeks prior to his birthday, I heard every morning, "Is today my birthday?" for which I would answer "No, next Tuesday". So then the question switched to "Is today Tuesday?" I LOVE seeing Griffin getting excited and the anticipation causing an extra twinkle in his eye.
Auntie Alexis was actually able to fly up for the big event which was so HUGE for me. I really needed the help setting it up and it felt so good to be with her. I read a blog recently where the author spoke of her "love language". I think she was referring to what others do to/for you that make you feel their love. After mulling it over, I realize my "love language" is time. Spending your precious hours with me speaks volumes. Anyways, Alexis totally got that without my saying anything and was able to get here at a time when I really need an extra Love Boost. Yeah, and maybe she wanted to see her nephew too ! :)
Anyways, b…

Birthday Boy

My beautiful little son turns 3 today. I feel amazed, lucky, proud, loving, peaceful, excited,....
I am so blessed to be his Mama.

Conversation at Breakfast

Mama: Griff,when you get done with your apple we will get dressed and get going.
Griff: Where are we going?
M: We are going to the toy store. I want you to pick out some toys you might like for your birthday.
G: I already have toys, Mama.
M: I know, but I thought you would like some new ones.
G: Mama look over there (pointing to exploding toy corner), I have lots of toys, I don't need more.

I have so much to learn from him.

Going to the Finals


Deeeetroooit Basssketballlllll

Go, Pistons, GO!!!

Enjoying Mother Earth

Hope all you Mothers really enjoyed your day yesterday...I sure did.

Oh yeah, they smell that good!


True Romance


Tangled up in Blue

OK friends. We need you. We need your prayers, your thoughts, your energy, your good vibes, your contacts.
The house still hasn't fact no one has even looked at it. At the price we have it on the market for, we are practically giving it away and will be LUCKY if we don't end up owing on it. Every day it is a struggle for me to keep up with the work of keeping it "show ready". I struggle with letting Griffin have a go with his toys when I know how much time it takes me to pick up after him. I struggle with keeping the beds made, dishes washed, laundry put away, counter tops cleared, floors mopped, grass free of dog poopies, glass smudge free and still enjoying my time with this precious 3 year old. I struggle with facing the unknown...wanting to sell this house so bad, but not ready to let go of our home...especially without another one ready and waiting.
I am suffering HUGE burnout from my job. The closer we get to moving, the less invested I feel there. Now …