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Back to my sewing machine.

I finally got around to making pillow cases for the pillows I bought at IKEA in March. I used the great IKEA fabric Alexis had sent me for my birthday along with some Kona black.
I love the colors and patterns. I was able to "fussy cut" most of them so that I could use a different part of the pattern for each pillow.

This is the only one I was unsure about, but I think it turned out very cool and modern.
I love them because they will make partying on the porch a little more comfortable (Hilary!!) and the fabric makes me think of Alexis and the pillows remind me of Gabriella. Surrounded by my girls, in spirit.
They even match the daylilies in bloom right now! This afternoon we will be welcoming Sara and Leo for a few days stay. Looking forward to making new memories on the front porch!

Dawson Springs Pool

We met Katie and Phoebe...or as Griffin refers to them dually, Koebe, at a local pool on Friday and the kids had an amazing time. And so did I!!
They enjoyed swimming and really loved the little spray park. The girls are at the perfect age for this type of things.

Day 3

Just a few more pictures I snapped before the Amors took off on Monday.

Day 2

It is really hard to get a good picture of 4 little kids. This was my best one...don't know what is up with the girls chewing on their hands. Must be genetic!
I have to say I am super stoked about these skirts! I MADE them!! YEAH, they are the first clothing items I have made and I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out...although, they are a little on the big side. That's ok though, just means they will get a little more use out of them!

My Dad and StepMom came up for the day on Saturday. We had a great time hanging out together and celebrating Father's Day a titch early. It was so fun to see Grandma and Grandpa to have this group of grandkids all together.

For those of you who don't know her, this is my sister, Jessica!! Isn't she sooo cute!?!

Grandma and Masami

Grandpa and Lucy

Getting to know our cousins Day 1

The Amors came for a quick weekend visit. We were soooo excited to see them and meet 19 mos. old Masami. Although it was a quick visit, we can't wait to spend more time with them at the Cape in July and here in August. I had to show you how the kids were passing the time while waiting for the Amors to get here...too cute.
First things first! Alethia jumped out of her car and after a quick hug asked me, "Auntie, do you have any toys here?" And with that, they were off for a marathon play session.

Day 1 they split up and Lucy and Masami played musical instruments while Griffin and Alethia played house.

It feels so good to get the chance to get to know these precious babies!

The rainbow connection is alive and well!

Taken from the front yard on Tuesday night - Spectacular!

Oh, the joys of a sprinkler on a HOT day.


Under our toes

Lottie's very favorite place to be is under our feet...or more often and more specifically, my feet! Here she has parked herself in front of the kitchen sink as I try to do dishes. I have to be careful sitting on the sofa, having almost pinched her under it when putting down the recliner. Sitting down at the table or the computer quickly earns me a very heavy, furry foot warmer. I love that this is how she is expressing her loyalty and that she is chilling instead of running maniacally around the house...yet at 90+ degrees outside and 90% humidity I think I will enjoy her presence a little more in November!!
Lucy is taking after her, showing Griffin just how much she loves him!!

Just needed a little wiggle...

The tooth fairy is making her very first stop at our house tonight!

Getting her Twirl on!

Moments that make life sparkle...

On Saturday night we were able to sneak over to the city park for a bit. We were there to hear our friend Johnny Keyz play for a Humane Society Benefit. My family, a beautiful night, great tunes, a picnic dinner and bubbles= perfection!

Still down for the count...

I got to tell ya pals, I miss blogging! My arm is still busted up. I am able to use my fingers more which surprisingly has really improved my life!! Unfortunately, there are still many things my right hand cannot do: pick up my daughter, type, wield a kitchen knife, open child safety pain pill bottles, apply deodorant, any type of crafting, any kind of writing, folding laundry....yeah, I could go on and on. Even talking on the phone is difficult because it ties up my good hand that is almost always needed for something else. While I have tried to fill my days with extra playtime with the kids, visits from dear friends and catching up on reading some great books, I have to admit I am driven to tears daily by frustration with this disability. I am also weaning myself off the pain medicine which leaves me with wildly fluctuating moods and a constant ache from my shoulder to my fingertips. Bruce has been my rock, on the go from 6:30 AM till he passes out from exhaustion near midni…