Oh, the joys of a sprinkler on a HOT day.


4cheeseheads said…
Wait stop the presses. Where is griffin??? He seems to be replaced by another boy who has grown at least 4 inches, lost a tooth, and looks so grown up. Wowza, since the last photos (only just a few weeks ago) he's changed so much. I guess that's what happen when you turn SIX YEARS OLD!!

And as always Lucy is cute and adorable even when soaked from the sprinkler.

Looks like Griffin and Lucy are having a blast in the sprinkler. I'm sure Lottie was in on the water fun and running around with the kids. You must LOVE watching the pure enjoyment of summer break.

Love you all.
Anonymous said…
I can feel the relief of the heat...Griffin and Lucy are just adorable and full of life. Mormor