Still down for the count...

I got to tell ya pals, I miss blogging! My arm is still busted up. I am able to use my fingers more which surprisingly has really improved my life!! Unfortunately, there are still many things my right hand cannot do: pick up my daughter, type, wield a kitchen knife, open child safety pain pill bottles, apply deodorant, any type of crafting, any kind of writing, folding laundry....yeah, I could go on and on. Even talking on the phone is difficult because it ties up my good hand that is almost always needed for something else. While I have tried to fill my days with extra playtime with the kids, visits from dear friends and catching up on reading some great books, I have to admit I am driven to tears daily by frustration with this disability. I am also weaning myself off the pain medicine which leaves me with wildly fluctuating moods and a constant ache from my shoulder to my fingertips. Bruce has been my rock, on the go from 6:30 AM till he passes out from exhaustion near midnight, keeping up with his work along with picking up my slack...along with being called into the hospital 7 times this weekend! Poor guy is so worn out. So, this is me, near the end of my reserves asking you to send us your energy, light, prayers - we truly need them!
On the upside, I have an appointment with a specialist on the tenth if I am still not healed up by then - hopefully he can help. Griffin's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow. Can't wait to have the little dude around all day - should help cheer me up.
I hope that as you are reading this you are happy, healthy, safe and have ease in living. I realize now more than ever how precious those things are!


4cheeseheads said…
it makes me sad knowing you are uncomfortable and unable to do daily tasks. i'm sending you all the love, strength and energy I can to help you get through the next 2 weeks. hoping your arm heals correctly and you won't need extra help from a specialist (as that may take longer to heal).

on a lighter note, so excited that griffin will be home for the summer soon. jake's last day of school is tomorrow as well. enjoy the summer and all the fun things you have planned for it.
MountainWave said…
hey girl,
healing vibes.
it was good to chat the other day.
glad Griffin is home. you guys are going to have a great summer.