Getting to know our cousins Day 1

The Amors came for a quick weekend visit. We were soooo excited to see them and meet 19 mos. old Masami. Although it was a quick visit, we can't wait to spend more time with them at the Cape in July and here in August. I had to show you how the kids were passing the time while waiting for the Amors to get here...too cute.
First things first! Alethia jumped out of her car and after a quick hug asked me, "Auntie, do you have any toys here?" And with that, they were off for a marathon play session.

Day 1 they split up and Lucy and Masami played musical instruments while Griffin and Alethia played house.

It feels so good to get the chance to get to know these precious babies!


Anonymous said…
WOW!!! I'm loving these pictures!!!! Mom
Anonymous said…
They are so cute and how fun for them to be together..I can't wait for July so I can be with them. Mormor
Treehugger_31 said…
So many cute kids! :)