Lucy Loo is 3 today

My sweet baby girl is 3 today. What an amazing 3 years we've had with her. She is so happy, so sweet, super silly and loving.
Her smile lights up my heart, her giggle is the most beautiful music to my ears, her artwork is more stunning to my eyes than any piece hanging in the Louvre. I love how she plays in her room alone, constantly babbling away and singing silly made-up songs. I love how she loves to play outside for hours but cries at the end of the day because of her dirty hands. I love how much she loves her friends and looks forward to seeing them. I love being her favorite person, her port in the storm, her anchor.
I love her passion for creating art, for animals, for books and for her beloved brother. I love her sense of humor and comedic timing. Parenting her is such a gift, so rewarding, so challenging, always keeping me on my growing edge.
and without further ado....

Birthday Interview

Age? 3

Grade? -

Your teachers this year? -

What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? Library Story Hour

What pets do you have? Lottie and Zedy

What do you want to be when you grow up? “Play in my room?”

Where is 1 place you really want to go? Gran and MorMor’s house

What is your favorite………….

o Subject in school? -

o Meal? Shells n’ Cheese

o Fruit? Juicy Grapes

o Vegetable? Carrots

o Dessert? Birthday Cake

o Candy? Lollipops

o Drink? Apple Juice

o Animal? Lion and Zebra

o Thing to do inside? Painting

o Thing to do outside? Playing in the sandbox

o Kind of music? Kids music

o Song? Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode (looonnng story!)

o Place we visited this year? Camping

o Chore around the house? Help unload the dishwasher (and she’s really good at it!)

o Thing to do with Mama? Help cook

o Thing to do with Papa? Read Books

o Thing to do with Griffin? Play in my room

o T.V. show? Tinga Tinga Tales (such an amazing show! -JAMBO!)

o Movie? Scooby Doo movies

o Toy? Leap Frog Leaptop

o Book? The Animal Book

o Day of the week? Monday – Mama and Lucy stay home day

o Holiday? Halloween

o Season? Fall

o Piece of clothing? Pj’s

o Sound? Burps (I totally blame Griffin for this!)


o Smell? cupcakes

o Color? Yellow
You can read last year's interview here.


MountainWave said…
Happy birthday beautiful girl, precious soul. We love you so much~

Aunt Sara & Uncle Leo
Dikke said…
Happy happy day sweet Lucy! Can't wait to see you next week and celebrate you being three! Love Granny
Lex said…
Happy Birthday LuLu!! I love you so much and hope you have a wonderful 3rd Birthday!!!

Love, Auntie Lexi
4cheeseheads said…
Happy Birthday Lucy. Your smile is gorgeous. I loved reading your interview. My favorite clothing is PJ's too!!! Sending you all our love. The Webbers