Mostly for my benefit...

I have to write these down so I don't forget them...and this seems like the best place to do it!

I was telling Griffin about how when I was in elementary school we had taken a family vacation. My Dad and I had rented bicycles for a day. At that point, my bike at home was still the type where you pedaled backwards to stop. Unfortunately, no one mentioned to me that this rented bike had hand brakes. So, we are going down a big hill and needing to make a turn and I start pedaling backwards with no results. You see where this is headed, right? Crash landing, knocked out, get the idea. So, then I tell Griffin as an aside that they had to cut (what at the time was my favorite) my t-shirt off and I was so sad about it.
This was at the dinner table and our conversation quickly moved on to something else. About 20 minutes later Griffin comes up to me and gives me a hug. He says, "Mama, I am so sad you lost your favorite shirt. What did it look like? When I get big I am going to buy a new one for you."
Last night at dinner, Lucy is playing with her food. This is a new habit but one we would like to nip in the bud. Her piece of bread has lengthy conversations with her carrot stick and sippy cup, all the while everything remains uneaten. Bruce starts to tell her to stop playing, start eating. She pops her fingers in her ears, turns to me and says, (with a big smile) " I can't hear anything, can you hear anything? Speak up Papa, I can't hear what your saying." As she sees our shocked and amused expressions (I mean, c'mon, you didn't think I'd be able to NOT smile at that one) she changes tactics. Every time Papa starts to talk to her again she plugs her ears and yells, "UNDERPANTS!" and cracks up. Griffin and I were laughing so hard and even Bruce couldn't help but crack a smile. That's our girl, I think this may be a battle we will face for a looooong time. The good news is, shortly she settled down and ate her dinner.

These stories are such good ones at highlighting who these super special kids are, right now at this developmental stage.


Lex said…
I loved the stories. My favorite is when Griffin accused Lucy of messing up his room. The accusation quickly turned into a courtroom drama at the dinner table. I being a witness and you Christi the judge. In the end Lucy admitted to playing and messing up Griffin's room. I laughed sooo hard. Griffin and Lucy are sooo entertaining! Love them so much!