Birthday round-up

Lucy had a wonderful Birthday. She started with a play date with her best buddy, Myles and lunch, her pick, at a Mexican place for queso and chips. When Papa got home that afternoon he brought her birthday roses, yellow, of course!
What a sweet tradition!
I told Lucy I would make anything she wanted for dinner and she picked our chorizo and eggs breakfast. So that's what we had. Followed by a little cake and ice cream, of course!
She had a blast opening her presents. Is it too weird that we bought a photography coffee table book about birds for a 3 year old?
I think getting the Beta fish that she has been asking for for months made her Lucia Fish (she named it.)
First thing the next morning she was setting up her new playhouse. So fun for all of us to see her so excited. She has one more birthday event on Saturday when we throw a party with her friends.


MountainWave said…
Howwwww cute. I love that Bruce brings her yellow roses on her birthday. What a good Papa :) And LOVE that she got a bird book. Happy birthday Lucy Loo. Hi Lucia Fish. Welcome to the fam.