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Griffin is 15 today.

Wow!  He is FIFTEEN, y'all!!  Mixed in with the BIG teenager energy is the sweet boy he was and the amazing man he is becoming.  Witnessing his growth, emotionally, intellectually and physically is awe inspiring.  Being in the trenches of parenting a teenager can be an arduous task but when we take a moment to step back and really see him, what he is accomplishing, who he is becoming, we are so proud.  We know all these moments of pushing and pulling him are worth the effort.  Milestones like birthdays remind me how soon this baby bird is going to fly away from the nest...and even though the end goal is to make sure he has all the skills he needs to soar, I am reminded to live in the moment with him.  Enjoy these days, friends.

Birthday Interview
Age? 15
Grade? 9th
Your teachers this year? Mrs. Faulk, Mr. McDurmond, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Stubblefield,  Coach Waide, Coach Ashley, Coach Amy
What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? Swim team, Beta Club, FBLA Club,  assisting…