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Well, Hello Friends! Sorry for the delay in posting...we've been busy down here in 'Tucky. Last week we were lucky enough to host 8 people 1 day, 6 people 3 days, 5 people 1 day and 3 people 3 days...all these days being in a row. We LOVED every minute of it (well, almost every minute...explanantion later.) We feel so lucky and so loved that our family would choose to make the trip to spend the holidays with us. Our new house seems to be built for this type of entertaining and everyone seemed to settle in quickly. It felt wonderful to wake up in our own bed on Christmas morning (something we have NEVER experienced together as we always traveled over the holidays previously.) I will post more pictures after I upload them.

Griffin enjoyed having all his favorite people around....poor Gran and MorMor, they don't get a moment of peace during Griff's waking hours. For those of you who haven't spent time around him, Griffin is a FOCUSED kid. When one of his favorite peop…

Merry Christmas, y'all!

The stockings were hung on the chimney with care.

Channeling Santa Claus


new wonders

Sprout just got the hiccups for the first time...AMAZING!

Last Ones

A few more family pictures for you:
Aunt Nancy and Jessica
Griffin (don't ask him to smile...this is what you get!) with Great Grandpa and Grandma Meow
Alethia and Griffin with their MorMor

Alexis and Anthony


I finally processed some of the photos from last weekend and I will work on posting the best ones over the next couple of days.
Griffin and Alethia

Hey there friends. Not much new to report here. Griffin is happily now cold free, which is great! We are headed to E. Lansing for a little reunion at my Mom's house tonight. I am excited to feel the warmth and comfort of family right now. I will definitly put up some new pictures when we get back.

Soupy Sundays

For the last year or so, on cold Sunday afternoons I have been making up a big batch of homemade soup. It is a great comfort food, mostly healthy, usually inexpensive ingredients and they freeze beautifully. With Bruce home on Sundays I have the time to make my own broth and cut up tons of yummy fresh veggies. I am usually able to freeze a big batch to pass on to a friend or enjoy on a busy Sunday and still have some leftover for lunches during the week. This week was a creamy turkey/veggie soup using the Thanksgiving turkey carcass I had frozen. YUM!!!! Here is the recipe I used: