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Double Digits for the little Dude.

WOW, a whole decade with this guy.  It's overwhelming to think about the amount of experiences one can have in a decade, especially in parenting your first child.  A part of me is feeling nostalgic this morning, remembering my sweet little baby boy.  Remember that stormy spring day in Michigan 10 years ago.  Remembering how our family and friends were drawn together to witness and welcome this new soul into our tribe in that hospital waiting room.  How tiny he was that moment I met him and the deep feeling of recognition flowing between us.  How the days following were filled with awe and wonder, insane LOVE for this wee piece of my heart that now lived outside my body and absolute terror that we weren't DOING IT RIGHT.But the way bigger part of me is loving this day, loving my 10 year old, loving this journey we are taking together.  Although, I cherished the memories of days past, I am enjoying this moment, today, and looking forward to watching him grow and learn and flour…