Double Digits for the little Dude.

 WOW, a whole decade with this guy.  It's overwhelming to think about the amount of experiences one can have in a decade, especially in parenting your first child.  A part of me is feeling nostalgic this morning, remembering my sweet little baby boy.  Remember that stormy spring day in Michigan 10 years ago.  Remembering how our family and friends were drawn together to witness and welcome this new soul into our tribe in that hospital waiting room.  How tiny he was that moment I met him and the deep feeling of recognition flowing between us.  How the days following were filled with awe and wonder, insane LOVE for this wee piece of my heart that now lived outside my body and absolute terror that we weren't DOING IT RIGHT.  But the way bigger part of me is loving this day, loving my 10 year old, loving this journey we are taking together.  Although, I cherished the memories of days past, I am enjoying this moment, today, and looking forward to watching him grow and learn and flourish in the days and years ahead.  He is so smart, so terribly/wonderfully focused on whatever subject is thrilling him lately, so quick to make a joke and hoping to bring smiles to the faces around him, so confident, so sure of his place in this world, so eager to do his part to make changes to improve the lives of animals and people on this planet, so easily makes friends.   He is also sometimes moody and disrespectful and irritating and wholly HUMAN.  He is an amazing brother, an inclusive friend, an eager student, a sweet son and an empathetic soul.  My life forever changed in the most beautiful way 10 years ago when Griffin came to share his journey with me.  I love you so very very much, sweet boy.

Birthday Interview

Age? 10

Grade? Fourth

Your teachers this year? Mrs. Duff, Mrs. Boyd

What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? soccer, swimming lessons, basketball, Super Saturdays

What pets do you have? Lottie, Zed and Omar and foster puppies Sochi and Curly Sue

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Shark Biologist

Where is 1 place you really want to go? Dollywood to ride the new BIG roller coaster.

What is your favorite………….

o   Subject in school? P.E.

o   Meal? Lasagna Soup

o   Fruit? Watermelon

o   Vegetable? Carrots

o   Dessert? Fruit Pizza

o   Candy? Jelly Beans

o   Drink? Milk

o   Animal? Sharks

o   Thing to do inside? Play on Kindle

o   Thing to do outside? Ride a scooter

o   Kind of music? Hip Hop

      o   Song? "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa

o   Place we visited this year? Wellfleet, Mass

o   Chore around the house? Nothing

o   Thing to do with Mama? Play games
o   Thing to do with Papa? going for a "Guys' Night Out"

o   Thing to do with Lucy? Play Minecraft

o   T.V. show? Total Drama Island

o   Movie? Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

o   Toy? Kindle

o   Book? Minecraft: Essential Handbook

o   Day of the week? Saturday

o   Holiday? Christmas

o   Season? Summer

o   Piece of clothing? hoodies

o   Sound? Sounds that drive Mama crazy

o   Word? derp

o   Smell? my farts....hahahahahaha  ( he really cracked himself up with that one.)

o   Color? Blue
I think it's pretty awesome that he and Lucy had a lot of the same answers!!  This year when choosing how to celebrate his birthday (party or adventure??) Griff decided he wants to go camping and hiking at Mammoth Cave National tomorrow we are off for a super fun weekend!  I didn't start blogging until '06 so I don't have his newborn pics, but if you want to peak at some photos of Griffin at 2 on his first camping trip ever, check this out.  
Big Love to y'all!!! xoxo