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walking in the woods

The first weekend we were here, we headed 40 mins. south to the Pennyrile State Resort Park. I had never been to a "resort park" before and was really impressed. Bruce and I always wonder where everyone is when we are hiking in the national park systems. We always seem to have the place to ourselves, and while the peaceful nature of our solitude is delightful, we are concerned at the lack of nature lovers out there. Of course, we feel like perhaps a lack of people means a lack of interest which may lead to a lack of funding for these incredible spaces.

Anyways, I digress. This park was fantastic...firstly, it was free! Secondly, it had a fabulous trail system that would suit families with small children as well as experienced hikers. Thirdly, it offered tons of fun activities, a beautiful golf course, a miniature golf course tucked into the woods, rustic and modern camping, wooded or waterfront cabins, and a large lodge available for rent for family reunions, weddings...what …

New Friends

We were lucky enough to make a new friend on the day we moved into this house in Madisonville. While this friend was no help with lifting boxes, sweeping cobwebs out of corners or unpacking kitchen supplies, it did entertain Griffin for hours.

I've never actually seen one of these guys up close and personal, so needless to say, I ran for the camera.

We haven't seen one since that very first day, but there have been plenty other BIG bugs to entertain us. I really have enjoyed the chorus of insects that fills the air 24 hours a day down is a comforting noise that reminds me just how many other little friends we share this planet with.

Things we will miss about Pontiac....


The Move

So, I have to say, the move was not as bad as I expected, really! The truck showed up on time, the guys were really nice and professional and in a matter of hours, the house was totally empty. It was so strange to walk through it like that. I moved in years after Bruce had bought the house so I had never seen it like that. It felt haunted is not the right word, more like energy-filled. Like my memories and strong emotions felt there are still in the air, in a positive way. It was a good house for us...I literally met Bruce in that living room for the first time, we fell in love there, we got engaged there, I got dressed for my wedding there, we had a baby there...I could go on and on. But as incredible as all that was, it was time to let the house go and bring our memories and love with us to the next chapter. Click on my new flickr badge on right for photos of moving day. Peace, y'all.

The Dudes


Back Online

Hey there friends. We are back up and running from Kentucky. First I have to say, I am developing a HUGE crush on the ol' bluegrass state. The area we have relocated to is gorgeous, rural and friendly...not much more we could ask for (well, besides a Trader Joe's close by, but now you know I'm dreamin'). I will try my best to entertain you with tails of the enormous bugs, the house with crazy water, and the neighbors that live up to every hillbilly stereotype that Jeff Foxworthy has ever uttered, in the coming days, but today, I want to reflect back on Michigan one more time.
I just have to say how lucky I feel to have had the relationships I've had over the past seven years that I've lived in Pontiac. You know who you are, and you will be missed deeply!!
We had many special nights before we moved but there are 2 I want to share with you. The first was a final night with the Webber Family at their new house.

Jake and Griffin have developed such a special connecti…

Moving Day

The house is so very still and I am enjoying a last few moments of quiet time in what's bound to be a hectic day. I have spent the last week packing our life up, (I think I am currently at box #178,) explaining in agonizing detail what is going on to Griff (again and again and again) and saying goodbye to all the amazing, dear friends/family that live here in Michigan. It has been taxing on my body, mind and soul and I am looking forward to a slower time when we first move to Kentucky in which to recharge my batteries. As soon as we get settled down there, I will be posting lots of fun pictures of my last nights at work and the Super Fun Going Away Party that the Marino's threw us. I did take a few minutes for myself this week to get my hair done ( or my "butter whipped" as Bruce calls it) so y'all can love or hate my new brunette do' when you see the photos.
See ya' on the flip side.

First Love




Polar Bear, Detroit Zoo

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. Now, let's see....when we last saw the Gast family, they were trying to find some type of pet friendly housing in Madisonville and trying to figure out what to do with their house in Pontiac. Let's catch up with them now...they are busy trying to find pet friendly housing in Madisonville and trying to figure out what to do with their house in Pontiac. That's right folks...not a damn thing has changed, essentially, except that the amount of packed boxes grows everyday. We have had a frustrating go at finding a place to live down there right away so we have decided to take the hospital up on their offer of a furnished house for the immediate future while we look at homes in person. It was just too hard to make a years' commitment to a house without seeing it first. Sunshine is going to take a little holiday at Pa and Ma Gast's house while we find a suitable place for us all to be together. I am already feeling sad about …