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Loving the spring grass.



I thought it would be fun (for me at least :)) to show you some of the projects I have been working on. For Christmas and a few spring birthdays, I have made these pillowcase sets. It is such a fun project because it goes really fast, they are fun to make AND my favorite part, you get to pick out a ton of fun fabric. You can see how each set is so different, I really tried to picture the recipient in my mind when I pick out the fabric.

Zoo Outing



We had to fit one more adventure in before the Markles headed north again so we headed to CMOE. It is definitely our new favorite "Kid Place"! Even Lucy had a great time here, especially using her new standing skills at the sand/rice box.
Julia loved running around, exploring every nook and cranny of the museum. She had a ton of fun in the baby room, working on puzzles.

The adults had fun at the aluminum foil activity table - try that at your next party!!
And Griffin really got into building the walls of this house with foam bricks and then being "Hurricane Griffin" and knocking all the walls out. It is amazing to see at 5 just how much of the events happening around him that he has absorbed. After a wonderful Greek dinner in Evansville, we headed home. We spent all day Monday just hanging out, enjoying each other's company. The Markles headed home after dinner on Monday, taking advantage of Julia's sleep schedule to have a peaceful drive home.

WooWoo Griffin, Go!

Griffin was soooo super excited to have a cheering section at his game on Saturday. He definitly played hard and got alot of ball time, even though he did not get a goal. After lunch, we decided to head to the local playground. Griffin and Julia had an awesome time playing together. Lucy was content to be pushed in a swing.

Tired kids = peaceful evening!

The Markle 3...

We just spent a long weekend with our great friends Matt, Vida and Julia aka " The Bean" Markle. It was a great time for both families filled with good food, good conversations and great kids. At least, Julia and Griffin were great and they had an awesome time playing together. Lucy on the other hand, was should I put this, a crazy lunatic. Granted, she was getting over a cold and that caused her to take many long wonderful naps. But, the times she was awake, woow boy, that child has a bad case of stranger danger. She didn't like Matt and Vida to even look too hard at her let alone get within three feet of her. Just daring to glance in her direction could send her over the cliff into a sea of terror. It was AWFUL to see her like this and feel like there was not much we could do to help her. Bruce and I had to take turns holding her most all of her waking moments or else we all would have to listen to her wail. It made our hosting duties difficult. The Markles wer…

Tiny Dancers

This is my most favorite picture taken of us 3. Precious girls, precious memories.

Matt, Vida and Julia Markle are visiting us for the next 5 days. This is the opportunity I've been wanting to take a small blogging break. I will post something late next week. Until then, thanks for stopping by! Peace.

Easter then....

My Mom just sent me this picture. Obviously taken Easter morning, maybe in '83? Many of my childhood memories have this tone. All 3 of us girls and Mom dressed up pretty, usually matching, to celebrate something or other and we loved it. As a child, feeling part of this clan, and looking the part, was so comforting and strengthening. It wasn't until we hit our pre-teen years that we started to rebel against matchy-matchy. Thanks Mom, for all the work that went into getting us 3 together that morning, AND look how pretty you are!!

Happy Easter!

Well, the Easter Bunny knows we don't do much candy 'round here and really hooked up the kiddos Easter baskets with fun stuff this year. I guess it is because that smart bunny has been collecting things here and there since January!
Griffin's favorite thing was, of course, candy related. His very first Pez dispenser...ahhh, the joy of popping crappy bits of candy out one by one. I have to brag on Griff real quick. I forgot to tell him last night to not get into his Easter basket until Mama and Papa get up. As I was drifting to sleep I thought about how leaving the baskets on the kitchen table he was sure to see them and dig in as soon as he woke up. But...being the amazing little dude he is, when he woke up and saw his basket he did not even touch it until we got up some time later and told him he could. In fact, I woke up this morning to the noise of Griffin in Lucy's room, him telling her about how the Easter bunny had left her some treats too. It was too…

Easter Egg Hunt

On Wednesday afternoon we participated in an Easter egg hunt on the lawn of the courthouse square. It was organized by our children's librarian, Ms. Angel, so we knew most of the kids that were there. Griffin was actually coming down with a terrible cold (I think that we have had a cold once a month since we moved here!!!) and probably we should have skipped it. He was so looking forward to it, we trooped down there anyways. He ended up having a great time and then sleeping all afternoon - yeah, every one's happy!

Griffin and his best bud, Jacob, were ready to go. They both got a good start on filling their baskets but then they found a ladybug and hunting for candy came to a screeching halt.
In the end Griffin ended up with like 100+ pieces of candy - who knows what I'll do with it! Because he hasn't felt well, he's only eaten 2 or 3 pieces since.
Even the little sisters had a great time watching the controlled chaos and checking out the Easter Bunny that had mad…
Not a whole lot happening here at the moment. It has been chilly and wet and Griffin is on Spring Break, so we have pretty much been just sticking close to home. We all have colds so that gives us even more incentive to veg out. I have gotten a few projects tackled - we cleaned out the attic, switched all our clothes over to spring/summer wardrobes and I've gotten all the April birthday gifts I've been working on wrapped and packaged to mail. Next stop - post office.
I am realizing that since Griffin will start kindergarten here the first week of August, we need to get our summer plans hashed out. W have been trying to coordinate with friends/family and have some visits/visitors planned for the next few months - YEAH! It is not too late - plenty of weekends open. We would love for YOU to come for a visit too!
Lucy had her 1 year well baby appointment yesterday. Guess what - total deja vu!!! She is 50% in height and head size but.....5% in weight. The doctor was a lit…

Our house is scented by fresh lilacs!

My favorite flower, my favorite time of year...

She's a Maniac!

So, if you happen to bump into my child right after a meal, she is likely to look like this. Now that Lucy is feeding herself mostly, she gets a ton of it in her hair. I feel like I am washing her hair 3 times a day because if I don't, she looks like this.