Easter Egg Hunt

On Wednesday afternoon we participated in an Easter egg hunt on the lawn of the courthouse square. It was organized by our children's librarian, Ms. Angel, so we knew most of the kids that were there. Griffin was actually coming down with a terrible cold (I think that we have had a cold once a month since we moved here!!!) and probably we should have skipped it. He was so looking forward to it, we trooped down there anyways. He ended up having a great time and then sleeping all afternoon - yeah, every one's happy!

Griffin and his best bud, Jacob, were ready to go. They both got a good start on filling their baskets but then they found a ladybug and hunting for candy came to a screeching halt.

In the end Griffin ended up with like 100+ pieces of candy - who knows what I'll do with it! Because he hasn't felt well, he's only eaten 2 or 3 pieces since.
Even the little sisters had a great time watching the controlled chaos and checking out the Easter Bunny that had made an appearance. Fun for all!


4cheeseheads said…
looks like a fun time. I'm so jealous of your green grass and warmer weather. i know ours is coming but not for another month or so. so sorry to hear griff is sick again. that is nuts! love his longer hair, super cute and different than what he's had the last 4 yrs.
have a fun easter weekend. any plans? or visitors?
Mama Gast said…
I think his hair looks like Jake's now! I really like it too. I figured it was time for something a little different now that he is going to be a big 5 year old, so I let it grow out all winter long until we could get it cut into a different "style". We just got past the stickin' up in the back phase.
Bruce is on call this weekend so we will be sticking close to home - hopefully it will be sunny and we can start to get the outside toys set up. I'll let you know!