Happy Easter!

Well, the Easter Bunny knows we don't do much candy 'round here and really hooked up the kiddos Easter baskets with fun stuff this year. I guess it is because that smart bunny has been collecting things here and there since January!
Griffin's favorite thing was, of course, candy related. His very first Pez dispenser...ahhh, the joy of popping crappy bits of candy out one by one. I have to brag on Griff real quick. I forgot to tell him last night to not get into his Easter basket until Mama and Papa get up. As I was drifting to sleep I thought about how leaving the baskets on the kitchen table he was sure to see them and dig in as soon as he woke up. But...being the amazing little dude he is, when he woke up and saw his basket he did not even touch it until we got up some time later and told him he could. In fact, I woke up this morning to the noise of Griffin in Lucy's room, him telling her about how the Easter bunny had left her some treats too. It was too cute!
And Lucy's favorite thing was a fluffy bunny she cuddled with all morning- thanks, Marinos!!
(She is still sick and that accounts for those PUFFY eyes.)


4cheeseheads said…
wow, those easter baskets look amazing. sounds like a fun time this morning playing with all the wonderful things the easter bunny left them.

jake and casey received their first pez candy dispenser last week when a neighbor stopped by and gave them as a gift. jake engulfed his candies in no time, while casey has still yet to get through all hers.

way to go griffin for understanding to wait until everyone is up before opening gifts. i'm amazed he wakes up and plays all by himself for a while until you wake up. my kids have never ever done that.

miss you guys. love the photo of lucy hugging her bunny, even when she's sick she's adorable.