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Birthdays and Sisters

Oh, man, I am so excited. In a few short hours I am going to be on a plane headed to see my little sister and her family in Germany!! It has been a week filled with shopping, packing, and trying to nurse a horrible sinus infection. But all that is behind me now and I am almost on my way.
I had a wonderful birthday! Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me in one form or another...I can't tell you how much the phone calls, cards, presents and times out have meant to me. We are in such a transitory state right now and it feels good to know that we have such a warm supportive group of folks thinking of us. On my actual birthday I worked, but the night before we were able to join our friends, The Marinos, at my favorite restaurant, The Clarkston Union. The next day, my littlest sister, Alexis, was able to stop in again for a few more days. I LOVE having her around. She is so sweet, so smart, so gorgeous, so brave, it really is a treat to spend time with her!

Griff digs her too!