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Big Guy is 12 today!!!

I know we all say it every can this be?  How can my baby be so big? And wow, here I am again, disbelieving my baby boy is 12 already.  Firmly in middle school, firmly in puberty, firmly starting his journey to independence.  And what an incredible pre-teen he is.  He is everything, more than I have ever hoped for and so firmly himself.  Griffin approaches life without hesitation and with a high level of confidence in his own strength and character that I hope will stay with him his whole life.  I feel unbelievably grateful to share this journey with my darling boy. 

Griffin's Birthday Interview

Age? 12
Grade?  6th

Your teachers this year? Ms. Belcher, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Coleman, Ms. Zeiba, Ms. Parsons, Ms. Thomison, Mr. Emerson, Ms. Russell, Ms. Wolfe, Mr. Watkins

What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? Soccer, Swimming, Band, Super Saturdays, Beta Club

What pets do you have? Cookie, Lottie, Zed, Fish

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Lawyer…

Lucy is 8!

My darling girl is 8 today.  She is the effervescent bubbles of joy and light in our family.  Her sparkling eyes, awesome sense of humour and sweet gentleness makes her a favorite of those who know her.   She is so smart, has an incredible memory and an innate understanding of the world around her.  She is strong and athletic, she is somewhat shy to start but warms up quickly with new friends. She is a hard worker and you can count on her to make great choices and be respectful to everyone.  She adores her big brother but won't hesitate to stand up for herself and push back against his big personality when necessary.  She is already incredible and I am so so so thankful to be her Mama and to stand witness to her growth and maturity.   I treasured her as an infant, I championed her as a toddler, I giggled with her as a small child and I am am in love with getting to know who she is at 8.                                                          

Birthday Interview

Age? 8

Grade?  Secon…