I love YogaGlo

The people around me daily are probably reading this and thinking, "Enough, already!!" but I don't think I've blogged about it yet, so indulge me!!! ;) My dear friend and yoga teacher, Hilary, turned me onto this amazing website, YogaGlo, and I want to share it with you. It is the sight for a yoga studio in Santa Monica. It is stuffed full of incredible yoga and meditation classes that you can stream, unlimited, for just $18/month. The teachers are incredible and when taking their class you can almost feel like you are in the room with them. In some of them, you can see people in the class struggling or succeeding right along with you. They even have a beginner series for each style of yoga that prepares you for taking a full class. One of the best features of this sight is it's search abilities. You can search by style, duration, teacher, difficulty, specific purposes...it's so helpful for quickly finding exactly what you need at the moment.
I hugely dislike group exercise so it is especially wonderful for me, and I am betting their are a lot of people like me out there. It would even be great for those whose schedule, location or financial situation prevent them from attending a yoga studio on a regular bases. I made a commitment to myself to meditate daily throughout the Lent season, as I am trying to incorporate it as a part of my daily schedule. Using the meditation classes on YogaGlo has really helped me keep my goal.
OK, that's my pitch. They don't pay me to talk about them...but I wish they would!! ;) I think they have a free trial period, if you are interested in checking it out for yourself.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for that Christi. Dikke & I have been trying to find that site! And what a good Lent commitment ... Rather than give something up; adding something to enhance your life and of course inevitably love those in your world better! Mom