"Here I am waiting for this storm to pass me by...."

Starting to feel HEALING creeping up behind me. It's been a tough week, no doubt. But, truly, I cannot tell you how much your support - through comments here and on FB, e-mails, messages, texts, cards, gifts, phone calls and visits have helped me. Feeling the tribe vibe, feeling the love wrapping around us, feeling the healing energy and well-wishes, BIG TIME!
We've taken the time to clean our home and yard, and in some ways, our souls.
I had an excellent birthday weekend. The distraction and celebration never more needed! We spent Friday night in Nashville with my Dad and Step-Mom for an awesome dinner and family time. On Saturday we went to Griffin's final basketball game of the season, then headed up to Owensboro for lunch at Five Guys, a few hours at the Fine Arts Museum where they have an awesome art studio for kids to use, we saw Gnomeo and Juliet and ended the evening having dinner at the famous Moonlite BBQ with dear friends.
Bruce has been my amazing rock through all of this. He, also broken-hearted and filled with sorrow, took on the dirty work in such a immediate and physical way. It is overwhelmingly wonderful to have my needs understood and be taken care of in such a selfless way. He made me a piece of art that he gave to me on my birthday morn' that is a memorial to our puppy tribe - so amazing, that man and his talents. He also bought me this album,that became the soundtrack to my birthday and has been so healing to listen too.
Our kids are doing really well. Lucy doesn't really get it. We had talked all along about how the puppies were not ours and would all leave so this was her expected outcome. Griffin has ups and downs. When he is up he reminds me that we only lost the puppies and Sunblossom a week before we thought we would. In his down times he is very sad, there are lots of tears, lengthy discussions on death and us assuring him that he has a looooong life ahead of him and there is no reason to be scared. Those are hard times for all of us, but an unfortunate necessary part of life to be discussed. He is an incredibly insightful, sensitive and mature boy. For the most part he takes life in stride and lives in the moment.
So to you, dear ones, where ever you are today, please except my sincerest thanks for your support. Big Love and Peace to YOU! You are the ONES I want to be with when the sun goes down.


MountainWave said…
LOVE that album :) And that song. Great soundtrack to your new year. Love you guys.
Anonymous said…
Love the song, love the cinematography of the video, love all of you! So good to hear you had fun on your b-day week end! Can't wait to see Bruce's art work! Love, Mom
C. Michele said…
What a wise husband!

Glad you had a great birthday!
Anonymous said…
Great song and great words...Love to all from Mormor
MountainWave said…
YOU WON A GYPSY WRAP :)!! Loved seeing your name on Boho's page. Love you, hope your weekend is going well.