Back to my sewing machine.

I finally got around to making pillow cases for the pillows I bought at IKEA in March. I used the great IKEA fabric Alexis had sent me for my birthday along with some Kona black.
I love the colors and patterns. I was able to "fussy cut" most of them so that I could use a different part of the pattern for each pillow.

This is the only one I was unsure about, but I think it turned out very cool and modern.
I love them because they will make partying on the porch a little more comfortable (Hilary!!) and the fabric makes me think of Alexis and the pillows remind me of Gabriella. Surrounded by my girls, in spirit.
They even match the daylilies in bloom right now! This afternoon we will be welcoming Sara and Leo for a few days stay. Looking forward to making new memories on the front porch!


4cheeseheads said…
LOVE THOSE PILLOWS. Really great job, even with a bum arm. Amazing. Enjoy the time time family. Wow!! Lucky you, back to back family visits. I'm sure you are loving having the company
Treehugger_31 said…
Very pretty!!
Lois Evensen said…
Lovely pillows and blog. I'm glad I happened by just clicking that "next blog" button.

Very best from your neighbor from the North in Ohio,
Aunt Louise said…
Great job. Very welcoming. I want to come join you on that swing with a glass of Ice tea. See you soon.