Yesterday was one of those perfect spring days (and it looks like today might be too!!) The morning was cool and cloudy and the afternoon was 72 with a bright blue sky. We met our friends at the park for a picnic and some playtime. This was Lucy's first time on a swing - WOW! She loved it from the first moment. She probably swung for 15 minutes. It was funny because my friend had just commented how she keeps forgetting that her daughter might like different foods than her older son and how she should try some new things with Carlie. I nodded in agreement, but realized how applicable her words were to me a few minutes later. Griffin hated swings when he was little, would only tolerate them for a few minutes and I think that was mostly to humor me. He still only wants to swing for a minute or two when at the park. And look, it is Lucy's favorite thing.

The kids had a really great time playing together and they both woke up this morning, after an awesome nights sleep, with healthy pink cheeks.