Start at the begining....circa 1976

When I saw this picture, I froze!  This is Roger, my uncles dog, and the first dog I fell in love with.  I am not sure how old I was when he died, but I was young, and I still have vivid memories of him.  My Mom thinks he was a german shephard/norwegian elkhound mix.

Ahhh, the money shot, Dad, Mom and newborn babe.  Loving the seventies fashion...who's collar is bigger?

My Mom's siblings, Aunt Louise (Louise Wright) and Uncle Ross (Ross Davis)

I absolutely love this photo of my Mom and I.  I love her sweater and glasses and swoopy hair, I love the contented expressions on our faces, I love the soft 70's light!


Anonymous said…
WWWHHHHOOOAAAA!!! That's all I can think of to say! But I LOVE the picture of you on the floor holding your chin...they all flood me with warm, cozy memories!! Love, Mom
MountainWave said…
WOWIE ZOWIE! The resemblances!! Lucy looks soooooo much like you when you were little and You look so much like Aunt Louise when she was young!!