A great birthday

Christi Leigh, 1976?
Thank you for all your super sweet birthday messages. I could really feel all the good energy swirling around me all day. I had a wonderful day Friday, just lazing around in the SUN, reading and resting and enjoying visiting with some super sweet friends that stopped by. My phone was blowing up with amazing people connecting and one especially amazing conversation that I had been dreaming about for years, literally years. The day was topped off with the arrival of the Moms. Bruce cooked me my favorite dinner starring his homemade mac n' cheese and I felt very celebrated.

Early in the day on Saturday, Bruce and I took off for Evansville and spent the day doing Adult things! Ahhhh, if felt sooo good. We went to the art museum, took a peaceful hand-holding walk along the Ohio river, saw Alice, had a quiet dinner, and did some browsing of electronics...all things that are impossible with our two little ones in tow (not impossible in that we can't do or don't do those things with them, impossible in that we don't enjoy it with the same peaceful easy feeling when they are along.) We even ended the night by having a few cocktails at a new neighborhood bar that we had been meaning to check out, and were very pleasantly surprised by its coolness (Foxy's anyone?) A GREAT DAY!!
Sunday was beautiful outside and we really enjoyed it in the morning but by mid-morning we realized that Griffin wasn't just exhausted from a full day of playing outside on Saturday but that he was sick, like really sick. He has now been throwing up, had a 101 fever and been totally lethargic for 24 hrs. I have to leave for the Dr.'s office in just a few minutes. Please keep him in your thoughts today.
So, for my birthday, I got a scanner. Oh, lucky you, dear friends, now every Wednesday I am going to put you through the rehashing of my past through photos that may only be able to be viewed precious by me!! ;) Two weeks ago, one of Griffin's teachers lost EVERYTHING in a devastating house fire. That really got me thinking about stuff, the stuff I have managed to full this house up with. I have come to realize that besides the living, the most important things to me are my photos. That sense of history, the memories of people and moments past are really so dear to me. I decided to buy a scanner so that I could post the most important ones here on my blog and also make digital copies as a way to preserve them. This is also a way of passing on our family's history to Griffin and Lucy.
I also decided that I need to purge, big time. If, in the end, I could live without most of it, why not do just that. Every day until the job is done, I plan to clean out at least one drawer, one shelf, one cupboard and really get rid of the extra, the broken, the useless. Keep me accountable friends, feel free to ask me how that project is going in the week's to come!
OK, got to get my sick buddy ready for the Dr.
Peace and big love, friends. Today, may we be healthy, happy, safe and have ease in living.

***Update*** Just got back from the Dr. Turns out it is just a gnarly virus and we just need to wait it out. He is now fever free and if he stays that way and feels like it, he can go to school tomorrow...which is what he is really hoping for.


MountainWave said…
Griffin, hope you're feeling better buddy!

Christi, that picture is sooooooo flippin cute. Scanner, we're ready. Bring it.....Love old photos. We've been playing here too.

Glad you had a great birthday, full of good times and blessed conversations. Mmmm-hmm.

Love you lots,