Monkey Bread

This is Monkey is like taking Pillsbury cinnamon rolls to a whole new planet! Delicious. I got this recipe from a food blog that my pal, Hilary, suggested to me: Smitten Kitchen. I love the photos on this blog, her easy to follow instructions, but most importantly, her taste. I read a couple food blogs, but this one by far, most closely aligns with the kind of food I like to cook and eat! Either here somewhere, or on fb, I linked to her AHMHAYZING tomato sauce which has become a weekly staple at our house. How tomatoes, onions and butter could ever taste so delicious, I will never understand. Anyways, back to Monkey Bread. It wasn't too hard to make but my goodness, it takes like 4 hours! It ended up being our lunch on Sunday. We all really loved it and devoured it. We only ate about 1/2 of it, but I ran the rest over to our friends' house where the second half was enjoyed.
Have a great weekend ya'll. I am looking forward to a weekend of bananagrams, birthday cake, fine art and ALICE!!
My birthday wish for all of us:
May we be safe, healthy, happy and live with ease!
Big love to you.


BuckeyeReavis said…
i love monkey bread flashback to my childhood
Anonymous said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful friend!

Sending you love and well wishes and
hugs and kisses...miss you madly!!!

Love,love,love you all!

MountainWave said…
Hope your day was FANTASTIC from start to finish. Blessings to the rest of your new year. Love you very much. Sara & Leo