Griff's First Ride

Yesterday, there was another first in the life of Griffin George Gast...he rode a pony. We spent the weekend up in East Lansing visiting his Gran and MorMor and on Sunday we went to the zoo (except Bruce, but don't worry, we didn't leave him home alone - he went golfing with the guys.) Griffin was very confident that he wanted the littlest pony after spending a few minutes checking them all out. He went all by himself (aside from the helper girl) around the small trail. He even gave his pony a hug and a kiss when it was all over. He also enjoyed hanging with the monkeys, petting the goats and just generally being his sweet, energetic self.


4cheeseheads said…
Way to go Cowboy Griffin! Looks like you had a blast riding the pony. Great photos Christi.
MountainWave said…
Love seeing the family. Diggin' Griffin and Old Turtle :)