The end of an era....or at least a habit

Today was Lucy's last official day at story hour. Ugh, so hard for Mama. I have gone practically every Wednesday since we have moved here! It was a priceless gift for Griffin and I to make friends and familiarize ourselves with the community. Through the library program we have made so many dear friends and had so much fun. It was also a huge gift to Lucy, allowing her to warm up to new adults and get to know friends her age. She was telling me how much she was excited to see her best friends today, Ava, Carlie and Myles, all we have met at story hour.

In honor of our last day, Lucy got to pick our lunch destination. To no ones suprise, she wanted cheese dip at the Mexican restaurant. She just can't get enough.

Well, Lucy might be phasing out, but wee Lily is phasing in and I think she will pick up the cheese eating mantle quite nicely!!


Hilary said…
Whoa. Lily's future as a model is already clear - she has the whole 'bedroom eyes seduction of the camera' thing down and she's not even two!