A week long Halloween extravaganza

I decided to make one HUGE Halloween post rather than many small ones...BEWARE, lots of pictures!!!  Our first chance to wear costumes was for the library's annual trick or treat parade.  Here is Lucy the lion with Myles the monkey, Ava the alligator, Lily the ladybug and Carly as Rapunzel.  They had a great time walking around the mall with all the shop keepers passing out candy.  A newspaper reporter was there taking pictures and the kids were all in the paper the next day.  Another perk of small town living!
Lucy had to check her bag after every treat!  I love that she is using the bag that my Grandmother made for me when I was a wee one.  This is a huge reason why I craft/quilt.  Lucy is experiencing  the love of her great-Grandmother that she's hardly gotten the chance to get to know.  Love the lasting legacy!
Our second celebration was the Halloween party at Lucy's school.  I am the room Mama and had a fun time helping to organize the party.  I planned a pumpkin craft that I then helped 20 kids make.  Believe it or not, that was easier than cutting out 20 orange pumpkins, 20 spooky smiles, 20 crooked noses, 40 haunting eyes, 20 green stems and 20 magnets the day before!  It was a great chance to get to know the kids in Lucy's class and all the teachers.
Of course, the kids loved the eating part of the party best!  Lucy sat with her friends Geoffrey, Raul and Rosita.
Later that day we headed to the hospital for their annual trick or treat parade.  The kids love seeing the grownups dressed in costume and Bruce loves showing off his cutie pies at work.
On Sunday, we headed over to the Solice's house for a great Halloween family party.  Rhian was soooo creative, she had pumpkins to paint, radish eyeballs and gummy worms in the kids drinks. 
She made these amazing apple cups (carved out real apples) to serve warm apple cider in.  Sooooo cool!!!  I will definitely store this idea for another time!!
Bruce had to miss the first couple hours because he got called into work, so we were all so glad when he came.
The kids got their costumes on for a while.  How gorgeous are Madeline as Alice and baby Lily as the white rabbit!!!

Hilary made an incredible butternut squash ravioli!!!  Soooo amazing. The meal was such a treat and soooo seasonal.
Our next celebration was at Griffin's school.  His teacher had all kinds of fun food art projects for them to make.  Ghost lollipops, owl cupcakes, cookie and kisses acorns.  It was a blast to be apart of!  This was my first time in Griffin's classroom this year and I loved meeting his new friends.  It was great to also see his awesome teacher, Mr. Thomas, in action. 

Our last celebration was the second annual trick or treat spectacular at the Harralson's house.  They live in a great neighborhood for trick or treating and we are so thankful they invited us to join them again this year.  Mandy made dinner for the entire group.  It was such a delicious gift, I can't even tell you how exhausted I was by the time we got there, I was so happy I didn't have to cook that night!
The kids had such a good time playing together!  They might have never missed trick or treating if we hadn't gotten them ready to go!  The adults had a great time too, enjoying the fellowship of good friends. 

After we got home, we lit our jack o' laterns, got our pj's on and piled onto the sofa to watch The Great pumpkin Charlie Brown and munch on our roasted pumpkin seeds.  It was a perfect night....one of those times you look around and realize everything is exactly right, perfect harmony and happiness.  Yes, this is why we love being parents. 


Anonymous said…
What a great Halloween for everyone. The costumes were great and of course the kids looked adorable.Mormor