All about 7!

Birthday Interview

Age? 7
Grade?  First Grade

Your teachers this year? Mrs. Durbin

What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? soccer, swimming lessons, cheerleading

What pets do you have? Lottie, Zed and Omar and tank full of colorful fish

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Veterinarian

Where is 1 place you really want to go? Disney World (this dream is going to be coming true soon!)

What is your favorite………….

o   Subject in school? Art and Computers

o   Meal? Breakfast!

o   Fruit? Peaches

o   Vegetable? Pea Pods

o   Dessert?  P.J.’s Ice Cream

o   Candy? Chocolate

o   Drink? Lemonade

o   Animal? Omar

o   Thing to do inside? Play on Kindle

o   Thing to do outside? Play on my swing set

o   Kind of music? Dancing music

o   Song? "Beep Beep”

 o   Place we visited this year? Cape Cod

o   Chore around the house? Spray glass cleaner

o   Thing to do with Mama? Crafts
o   Thing to do with Papa? Play outside

o   Thing to do with Griffin? Play Minecraft

o   T.V. show? Teen Titans Go

o   Movie? Annie (original one) or Brave

o   Toy? Zelfs

o   Book? Junie B

o   Day of the week? Saturday

o   Holiday? My Birthday

o   Season? Summer

o   Piece of clothing? Cozy pj’s

o   Sound? Fish tank (water)

o   Word? Happy

o   Smell? Cake batter

o   Color? Purple


Jennifer Iden said…
So cute. I love this idea of a yearly interview. I want to do this with Christa. Happy Birthday Lucy.