Griffin is 14 today!

Our dear boy is 14 today.  What a year he has had, especially the last few months.  He is making decisions that will effect the trajectory of his life for years to come. 
 Band or Swim Team? How will I use/interact on social media? What is my role in the social structure at school? Engineering or Pre-Med track for high school?  Spend the afternoon playing on PlayStation or at the gym? Am I ready for international travel or should I wait a year or two? Should I attach my new iphone to a bottle rocket and shoot it into the sky?  
 Some of his decisions I support whole heartedly, others I find to be somewhat disappointing, but through it all I am so proud of him.  I am proud of his ability to make these decisions.  He doesn't dither or worry or second guess...he moves through his world with a sense of confidence and decisiveness that will see him through the challenging years ahead.  As his parents, I think Bruce and I are struggling more than he is with these early teenage years.  Trying to balance doling out guidance and wisdom with allowing him the freedom to find his true self and best path is both rewarding and terrifying at times.   This parenting gig is no joke.  
Big Love to you, Griffin.  The world is more amazing for having you in it.

Birthday Interview

Age? 14
Grade?  8th

Your teachers this year?  Mr. Emerson, Ms. Parsons, Mr. Ipock, Ms. Belcher, Ms. Tiberi, Ms. Bearden, Ms. Bingham

What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year?  Swimming, Band, Jazz Band, STEM club

What pets do you have? Cookie, Lottie, Zed, Fish

What do you want to be when you grow up? General Surgeon

Where is one place you really want to go? Thailand

What is your favorite………….

o   Subject in school? Math

o   Meal? Chicken Wings

o   Fruit? Watermelon

o   Vegetable? Carrots

o   Dessert?  Ice Cream

o   Candy? anything sour

o   Drink? Ginger Ale

o   Animal? .....

o   Thing to do inside? PlayStation  

o   Thing to do outside? Swim

o   Kind of music? ....

o   Song?....

   Place we visited this year? NYC

o   Chore around the house? walking the dogs

o   Thing to do with Mama? driving to school
o   Thing to do with Papa? hanging out

o   Thing to do with Lucy?  talk

o   T.V. show? Breaking Bad

o   Movie? ....

o   Toy? controller?

o   Book? Maze Runner

o   Day of the week?  Friday

o   Holiday? Christmas

o   Season? Summer

o   Piece of clothing? hoodie 

o   Sound? rain

o   Word?...

o   Smell?   freshly baked anything

o   Color? blue


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