Last week we had a HUGE ice storm down here. The storm was crazy, it coated everything with a half inch of ice. Since Sprout was keeping me awake with her acrobatics, I sat up and watched the branches crash off the neighbor's magnolia tree as the ice layers built up...quite a site at 3 A.M. The next day though, with the sun shining, it was a sight to behold!
This warranted the neighborhood kids getting 3 days off of school! Even our little Valentine's Day Party at the library was cancelled. It's all cool though, we have been suffering through another bought of terrible colds. Griffin actually asked if we could have a pajama day on Wednesday...a sure sign he wasn't feeling well.
Things are all melted now and the ground is a huge muddy for little boys and dogs, not fun for 8 month pregnant Mamas who have a hard time getting down to wipe mud off boots and paws! I am being forced to ignore the footprints on the kitchen floor - this is a growing edge for me folks! Next week we are looking forword to clear skies and clear sinuses!