Almost There

Wow...truely only 2 1/2 days left until we get to meet our baby girl. The excitement and anticipation has kicked into high gear now. I am having a terrible time sleeping (both mind and body are factors) and my "nesting" instincts have kicked into overdrive. I know that at 39 weeks I probably shouldn't be on the floor scrubbing pretty clean already baseboards, but does that stop me?...not a chance! I hope this baby does not come out of the womb finding Chlorox wipes to be the most familiar soothing smell to her! :) Mentally, I find myself hovering near hysteria but not quite there. I am soooo excited to meet my girl, complete our family, turn the corner on this path of conception. I am nervous about undergoing abdominal surgery, the health of the baby and my bodies and Griffin's state of mind after his world gets ROCKED by this addition. I am confident in Bruce and my abilities to love each other and our children to the fullest through this time, the support we will/have been receiving from our dear friends and family and the security and comfort that will come with my Mom being here for 2 weeks.
Then next 2 1/2 days are going to be jammed with last minute errands and pedicures, picking up my Mom from the airport, surgical preparation Dr.s appts., and final packing/cleaning/laundry. I intend to spend my free moments quietly, absorbing as much good, calming healing energy as possible, preparing my mind and body for the incredible moments ahead. I won't be blogging again until we get home from the hospital. Bruce is going to try to stop by the house and post a few pictures sometime over the weekend, so check back for that. We appreciate all your loving thoughts and prayers...they really do bring me so much strength.
So, for the last time, I am signing out as this Christi. Ready for the big change, ready to become Christi, mother of 2.


MountainWave said…
Dawgs are sooooooooo flippin' excited with you!! Countdown has begun around the world :) Hugs and kisses and yahooooos, Sara & Leo
4cheeseheads said…
You are in our thoughts as you leap ahead and add a new baby girl to your wonderful loving family. I too was frantically scrubbing, washing, organizing everything in the house the days leading up to Casey's arrival (and she was 6 days late, so I extra time!). I even gave Jake his bedtime bath while I had contractions 4-5 minutes apart, just because I wanted to stick to our normal routine. But finally it all ended when we headed to the hospital to have Casey. When we returned from the hospital with Casey our routines when we were a family of 3 were adjusted to accommodate the fact that we became a family of four.

Griffin already loves his little sister and all that love will show when he can finally meet her and hold her and help take care of her. He'll react to every noise she makes and want to soothe her. He's has many exciting things to teach her and he's going to do great as a big brother.

Wishing your Mom safe travels to your house.

All our best, The Webbers

We'll be glued to our computer all weekend waiting for a post from Bruce. :)
Aunt Louise said…
Hey Christi, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to get your moms call will all the details. Looking forward to pictures. Wish I could be there. I know you will do just fine and Griffin will be a wonderful big brother.
M said…
Healing, loving, happy, peaceful vibes being sent to you. Congratulations on becoming a BB Griffin...I KNOW you'll do great little buddy.

Love Melanie and Jack