Christina Lucia Gast

This is Big Poppa filling in for Mama Gast. I wanted to show a couple pictures of one of the most wonderful things to happen in our lives.

She's an 8lb. 11oz. reminder that there is such a thing as perfection in the world.

A 21 inch reminder that there is nothing that lifts the spirit as much as the limitless possibilites that comes with new life.

And she's a living testament to the power of love.

Momma and baby are both great and should be home soon (with more pictures to come.)

Good- bye for now.


4cheeseheads said…
Congratulations! Sending Christina Lucia (Lucy) all of our hugs and kisses. Bruce, thanks for posting, but unfortunately your photo was not cropped or sized correctly. I know you are knew at the blog thing but all I can see is a photo of Griffin and the top of Lucy's head. Oh well. All that matters is that she's healthy and Mama is recovering good. Can't wait to see more of her.
Love ya!
The Webbers
M said…
Griffin somehow looks instantly older, big brother-like :) I was able to see the full picture by dragging it to my desktop and she's lovely. An amazing wonder...and a big one at that! I'm so happy for you guys!
All our wishes to your happy family.

Love Melanie and Jack
MountainWave said…
Welcome to the world little Lucy Gast. And congratulations to Big Brother Griffin, Mama, and Papa. Thanks so much for posting. We love you and look forward to talking with you soon. We'll try to give a call in the next week or so.
Love, Sara and Leo
jessica said…
congratulations! she is beautiful... all of that dark hair is so great!
(a friend of chanley's)
p.s. if you click and drag the photo to your desktop you can click on it and see the same thing!
4cheeseheads said…
Bruce thanks for fixing the photos. She's precious. I'm shocked by all the dark hair, there is so much of it too. Love the cheeks. Looking forward to speaking with all of you on the phone sometime this week.
Mami Janine said…
She is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe all that dark hair! Congrats, Christi and Bruce and big bro Griffin! What an amazing little miracle . . .

Chris and Ella said…
She's so beautiful! Congratulations Mama, Papa, and Big Brother Griffin. Good work, Mama:-). Enjoy every moment with your precious family. Take care and we're looking forward to more updates soon.
Chris and Ella
P.S. Ella had cheeks like that - I love 'em!