His third eye.

We had an awesome day yesterday. We started by meeting up with my Herb Club pals at our friend's vineyard for a picnic and some wine tasting...and live music in the vines. It was an awesome warm fall day and we all had a super good time. We got home with just enough time for Griffin to put on his Halloween costume and head over for his pal Jayda's Halloween party. He had an awesome time there, playing lots of games and having a ton of treats. We picked him up, had him change in the car and headed over to our local Red Cross' first annual Ghost Walk. Our friend Holly who works for the Red Cross did an awesome job putting this event together. We met at a parking lot that was full of fun stuff for kids to do and set off from there on a walk around the neighborhood to 4 different houses. On the steps of each house was a story teller who entertained our kids with all different kinds of ghost stories. It was so so FUN! Griffin totally got into it. All night he kept saying " I am the ghost with the one black eyyeeee!!!" which was the chant in the story he liked the best. Even Lucy enjoyed being out at night, walking around, such a new experience for her! While we were waiting for our tour to leave, Griffin decided to get his face painted. When the staff asked what he wanted he hesitated. Thinking I was being helpful I (lamely, as it turned out) suggested a pumpkin. "No," he said, "I want a third eye, right here (pointing to the center of his forehead right over his brow)!" My friend Holly turned to me and was like, "He is soooo your kid!" I was shocked. I have no idea where that idea came from, we haven't read mythology in many months, but we all agreed it was an AWESOME idea! He loved it.
Thinking ahead about our busy day I had thrown a roast in the crock pot so thankfully when we got home at 8 pm, still not having had dinner, there was some deliciousness waiting for us. After dinner, Bruce was trying to get Griffin to tell him how many fingers he was holding up using his third eye. He really had Griff going for a few minutes!!

And this goof ball just had a great time all day and looked adorable too!


MountainWave said…
Love the hindi music and Grif's third eye :)