King of the Wild Frontier

Griffin and Bruce both got to go horse back riding for the FIRST TIME EVER, last Saturday with my Dad. Dad had brought up the idea last summer and when he found out that Bruce and Griffin had never had a chance to go riding he made it happen at the earliest possible time.
Here Griffin is looking a little dazed and scared, but he ended up having an AMAZING time and can't wait to ride again. His look here is exactly how I felt. Gotta admit it, I was nervous to have him up there on a horse alone but the awesome trail guide assured me it was safe and that they let kids as young as 4 ride alone.

His horse was Champ, Bruce's was Magic and Dad's was, much to all of our amusement, Lexie. It was a gorgeous sunny fall day in the Smokey Mountains, a really perfect day to ride through the forest. They took an hour long ride and had a perfect time.

My Dad was excited that it was the Davey Crockett stables as that was one of his favorite movies growing up. He even got the movie to watch with Griffin during the weekend.

Many awesome memories made, and maybe even a new hobby for Bruce. He really loved it!


Anonymous said…
Ride 'em cowboys! Looks like Graanpa Huggins is enjoying having dudes in his life! Way to ride cowboy Griff! How did hie like "Davey Crockett"? Love, Gran
4cheeseheads said…
What an awesome day your dad planned. I took a similar ride through the woods on horseback with my dad, gavin and casey this summer. I know exactly how Bruce and Griffin felt. It was amazing experience a whole new way to explore the great outdoors. Great photos. We'll have to join you guys sometime down south for a ride.