Chaney's Dairy Barn

We have had an awesome weekend. The Moms came in on Friday night for a quick weekend visit and we sure kept them busy. On Saturday morning Griffin had TWO soccer games and I had a quilting club meeting. We came home and packed a quick lunch and jumped in the car to drive 1.5 hrs to Bowling Green, KY. We met up with the Lowbridge/Solise family at an awesome place, Chaney's Dairy Barn. It was a crisp beautiful fall day and we all had an excellent time. Griffin had an absolute blast playing with his friend, also 6, Madeline. Talk about birds of a feather, those 2 were inseperable the whole day! We had enough in our group to warrant a private tour so we were able to jump right on the hayride and head over to the cow barns.
They had a brand new calf there that we all fell in love with. She was really really sweet. It was especially exciting for Lucy and 1 yr. old Lily to be able to pet her!

The farmer then gave us an awesome talk about farming in todays culture and economy....he should speak to Congress. He gets paid $1.40/gallon of milk yet it costs him $1.50/gallon for him to produce it. That is what got them started in agritourism... got to make up the difference some how. They have been voted the best ice cream in KY and we all agreed, it was excellent.
The kids loved the farmer and asked all kinds of great questions. The farmer teased them by spraying milk DIRECTLY from the cow, at their feet and they cracked up!

All the kids were super interested in the milking process. For Rhian (a current nursing mother) and myself it just caused us post-traumatic stress - you know what I am talking about ladies!!!

After touring the farm, we headed into the scoop shop and then out to their awesome playground. The whole gang played out there for a couple of hours before heading into town to have a great dinner together. It was a really awesome day! Chaney's has an outside movie and picnic nights in the summer so we will definitly be heading over there next year!

We spent Sunday at home. The kids were sooooo exhausted from their big Saturday. The Moms and I took an absolutely awesome yoga and meditation class from Hilary. What a great way to wrap up a great weekend!