The Wire

***This video is for adults only, it contains MANY curse words!!! Fair Warning.***

Bruce and I are about to start the fifth and final season of this phenomenal TV show. No longer on the air, we have been getting the DVDs from Netflix. I have to tell you guys, I think this maybe the best TV series I have ever seen. Yes, it's dark, not typically my thing. Yes, it's violent, also definitely NOT my thing. But man, it is so insightful. It is a cop drama, the first and only cop drama I have ever watched, but it is about SO MUCH more than that. It's about our common humanity. It's about working within your community, social and professional constraints. It's about the system. It is filmed beautifully making the slums of Baltimore come alive. The acting is superb with startling character depth and development. There has not been one episode yet that I would call a bummer (unlike my favorite Lost, which always seemed to have one or two bummer episodes a season!) I had heard about this show from a couple of different people before we went ahead and rented it and I am soooo glad we did. SO, if you are thinking about a long quiet winter ahead and you and your sweetie are looking for a series to view over the next few months, I highly recommend you try The Wire.