First day of second grade!

Well, the big guy was ready to get back to it today. With very little grumbling we had his backpack packed, lunch ready and hair done with 10 minutes to spare this morning - YEAH, great pattern to start!

He has been excited to go back to school for the most part, although, he had an attack of nerves in bed last night. I so so remember that night before the first day of the school year feeling!! I think it helped that we were able to meet his teacher and see his room on Monday. This is going to be a really wonderful year for him!

I was pretty calm this morning, I was good with him just wanting to be dropped off, gave him a kiss and a wave goodbye, turned out of the driveway and BAM!!!! The sob ribbed out and the tears started flowing...I didn't even see it coming. I think mostly I was just excited for him, but there is still a significant part of me that just isn't quite right when I don't have my babies with me. It's like that constant nagging feeling that you've forgotten something.

Lucy has been happy today...think she is glad to have the toys, t.v., snacks and Mama to herself again!! I bet by Friday she will start feeling the loss of her constant companion.

***Sorry for the looooong bloggy break. I have had some camera issues but I am up and running again and hoping to be back to blogging regularly!*****


Awwww! Sending good thoughts that today will be wonderful for the whole Gast family. I start school on Monday and wish I had an awesome mama to walk me down the driveway (and to secretly cry after I'm gone ;) )
Mama Gast said…
Thanks Diana!!!
Lex said…
This post made me cry. He is getting so big so fast. Such a great kid! Love him! Good job mama!