Earlier this summer I visited a sweet friend to check out her amazing collection of quilts and beautiful gardens. It was a wonderful afternoon, and as I was leaving she sent an already open geode and one that could be cracked to give to Griffin.

I may have a little geologist in the making because he loved it!!! He wasn't ready to split the whole one yet, but played with the other all summer. If fact, he even had to take 5 things to school on Friday to "tell the class more about him" and the geode was the first thing he took to tell the class how much he loved exploring things in nature (also a cicada shell, a oyster shell he found at Lake Michigan this summer, a soccer trophy and his Star Wars III wii game - all chosen independently of our input.)

This weekend he was eager to finally break open the other one and was delighted at the sight inside. To be thrilled by such natural things....priceless.

And you know he wasn't the only one to get in on the excitement!