Celebrating the bounty of the season

We had the Lowbridge/Solise clan (minus Josh, lucky dog is at Bonnaroo) over last night for one our favorite summer dinner parties, a kebab bar.  Of course we had to have some good drinks, I made this delicious strawberry basil sangria.

Everybody had a great time putting together their perfect kebab.  The offerings were marinated chicken breast, pork tenderloin, red, orange and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, red onion, zucchini and squash.  Madeline was especially stoked...little chef in the making!

Bruce was an amazing grill master and they were perfectly delicious!
Add a super yum fruit salad and we were all happy that the summer produce is rolling in.

After dinner we took a walk downtown where there was a little city event happening with live music, food booths and a few (very few) kids activities.  We decided to bring little Omar since he is finally fully vaccinated and we need to concentrate on socializing him.  He did surprisingly very well considering how crowded it was.  After everyone went home, I let him out to go potty and found him like this a few minutes later.  Sleepy little puppy.

A couple minutes after that, I found both my babies out like a light together.  I think everyone had a grand time and were properly worn out.

Most of the photo credits go to Hilary who, due to her renewed commitment to documenting her life through photos, got some great shots.  Thanks lady!!