Wow, wow wow, we feel soooo supported.  Thank you all for the myriad of wonderful ways you have shared your love and light and support since we have decided to go "public" with this.  It truly means so so much to us!!!  
  This morning was kind of stressful.  I had the kids dressed, lunches packed, backpacks ready, walking out the door to school when Lucy throws up...twice.  Yuck, I know, but this is real baby.  Of course, I felt terrible for her but also a little panicky because this morning was Bruce's appointment to get set up for the radiation treatments and I knew he really wanted me to be there.  ARGHHHHH!!!!  Pretty tough to be in two places at once.  Thankfully, my friend Hilary was willing to rush right over and sit with Lucy while I went with Bruce.  I wanted to let you all know that Bruce and I were able to read many of your texts, messages and emails in the waiting room and he was really feeling boosted when it was time to go back.   It was a short appointment, they made a mask of Bruce's face which will hold his head still, that he will have to wear during the radiation treatments.  They also took another ct scan of the tumor which they will use to set the radiation lasers in place.  They showed us the actual machine they will be using and how it rotates around to the correct position (see picture below.)  They have a stereo in there and told Bruce he could bring Cd's (how old school) in to listen to during his hour long treatment a day.  If you have some mix Cd's you think he would enjoy, I am sure he would welcome them.  And that was that.  Thank you, Mr. Gast, we'll see you soon and often. 
We are feeling the shock of diagnosis wear off and a certain amount of reality set in.  This manifests as hope, sadness, irritation and occasional mild hysteria (that one's all me.) Y'all know us and won't be surprised to hear that we are using humor from time to time to blow off stress.  Last night Bruce had me google "funny cancer t-shirts".  The ones available aren't so funny....maybe that's his million dollar idea.  While listening to the new Jack Johnson album, Bruce very sweetly told me that "I got you" was his theme song right now. 

I told him that I guess this had to be my theme right now. 

"I'm gonna watch you radiate"  ...just trying to keep finding the silly. 

Follow Up on Lucy, for only those who want the dirty details: Lucy has been dealing with a small head cold and when she threw up it was just mucus.  I kept her home of course, but a half hour afterwards she was fine and 2 hours later she was playing and smiling.  No fever, no further nausea.  They have school off tomorrow so hoping by Thursday she is back to 100%.  I'll try to update again tomorrow after we meet with the second cancer doctor.  Keep the healing energy flowing this way! 


Christina said…
Thanks for sharing pictures. I think it helps this to feel not so foreign to those of us who love you all and have never been down this path...makes visualizing and sending that good juju more real!!
Katie said…
This is fascinating. You are an amazing writer and I am getting such an education.
I want to tell you my strong energy is sent your way when I am rocking and nursing Leif to sleep at night. I want the nurturing healing energy to be sent your family's way.
Thank you for the update!
Standing with you...