ehhhh, it's not that bad...

...was pretty much what the neurosurgeon, Dr. B, told us today.  YAYYYYYYYYY!!  It feels like the news has gotten progressively worse with each doctor visit but today, the tide turned.  Dr. B looked at all the scans and test results and told us that he thinks the vertebrae is not too badly damaged by the tumor and that it should have no problem regenerating after radiation.  Apparently the part of the vertebrae that is most damaged is on the back of it which is not the weight baring side.  He does not foresee the need for surgery AND Bruce doesn't even have to wear the neck brace regularly.  Such amazing news!!  He may still wear it from time to time as it takes a bit of the pain away, but mostly it's just uncomfortable and he is so glad to shed it!  We will have a follow up with Dr. B in six weeks and in the mean time we are going to celebrate this good news!
  Bruce has had the first 2 radiation treatments.  It looks like there will be about 25 more treatments, 5 per week.  So far there has been no side effects.  Hoping it stays that way for as long as possible.  Keep the good energy coming our way.  I'll update you when there are new developments and, who knows, I may put a few blogs up JUST FOR FUN!  ;) 


Anonymous said…
Awesome! I send you love and healing energy.
MountainWave said…

We are lifting our glasses in your direction at the Healing House. We love you and are sending good juju, keeping you in our prayers.

Love love love you,
Sara, Leo, E, Moms